Kimmy Teen


As far as hot teens go, you can’t get much hotter than a redhead and Kimmy Teen is one hell of a hot redhead teen. She has beautiful blue eyes, freckles, a tight bottom and small tits capped with pink nipples. That hot color of pink like lip gloss.

Kimmy Teen likes to play dress up in her print panties and striped bobby socks. Most of her sets feature her wearing bra and panty sets straight out of the juniors section at a department store. With her youthfully petite figure it is no wonder why!

You could say that Kimmy is a bit of an exhibitionist. She likes to take pictures of herself and her friends. So, in addition to the professional pics you also get her candids. Frequently these candid pics of Kimmy Teen coincide with her diary entries.

As a member you get weekly updates and they often feature this redheaded vixen and her cute friends. Some of them make Kimmy look old!

In addition to you also get access to her solo model friends. Full complete access, not just a few tame galleries!

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