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You have to love it when a girl is having sex for her first time on video and she smiles for the camera like this picture is going up on a wall in the hallway or something. You also have to love how amateur she is at all of this. A lamb being led to the slaughter!

As far as hot teens go they don’t get any better than this little cutie pie. She has tits so small they are more like mosquito bites than anything else. She also has a cuter than heck tan line going on. So Coppertone!

There are times I enjoy watching porn stars act like porn stars. I like watching a chick spit on a guys cock and then lap it up. I like watching her bend and contort her body into positions no girl would ever use to fuck in real life. But once in a while I like to see a girl that is so naive. I enjoy it because it gives me hope that maybe I can get a girl drunk enough at a bar to fuck me.

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Of all of the things I miss most about these days it is teens with tan lines. Girls get fake tans now a days so none of them have that Coppertone look guys my age grew up with.

Chloe 18 is keeping it real with her tan lines. Tan lines are great because they help define when you have crossed the boundary into what a girl’s father considers no-mans-land. Without them sex feels cheap. Like getting from second base to third didn’t really amount to anything. The terrain never changed.

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I know what you are thinking because I am thinking it too. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one stop shop for all things hot teens related? Well, there is!

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It is that time again. I shook some trees looking for a nice blonde with big tits and tan lines. Ann Angel fell out and if you cannot recognize her as a hot teen you are a moron. Go read a gay blog.

For those of you still here, Ann Angel has been around now for four years. In that time she has been updating every week with new pics and videos. There are over 60 hours of video at Ann Angel. Enough to keep you busy for a loooong time!

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