Brokeback Asians

Asian Lesbians

OK… It isn’t what it sounds like. Hell, it isn’t even what it looks like! Brokeback Asians is not about gay guys or even guys taking advantage of young girls. It is smoking hot Asian lesbians having their way with one another.

When I say the girls are smoking hot I do mean smoke’in! is busting at the seams with full length Asian lesbian DVDs. We are talking about two hours here. Gigabytes long. When I say full length I mean full length. But unlike most DVD sites this isn’t pay per view. No annoying digital rights management. Unlimited downloads and a low monthly fee. Plus you also get access to their other sites. Call it an Asian Movie Pass because that is just what it is.

While in the members area I spotted a very popular video, The Erotic Deep Kiss School Girl. This video is pretty much the Debbie Does Dallas of Asian schoolgirl porn. And, you can download it! Burn it, save it, transfer it to your IPOD. Whatever you want to do. Enjoy it however you like. 1600+ Asian DVDs in high rez. 30 new DVDs a month. Plus those bonus sites have 1200+ Asian Bukkake DVDs too!

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