Amanda Mirelli


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

When it comes to hot teens and the enjoyment of seeing them naked, the holidays are always a special time of year. All of the solo models take this time to give back to their loyal fans.

One of those hot teens is Amanda Mirelli. She has a little bubble butt and small tits with a petite frame. With her all-year-long tan she looks hot and spicy enough to cuddle with. or to find yourself with underneath some mistletoe!

Amanda Mirelli goes out of her way to please her fans. She takes requests and regularly talks with her members in the members only forum. Some would say Amanda is a tease. I don’t mind. I enjoy having my cum teased out of me!

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Alisa Kiss


I love tube tops. I think it is because you usually see hot teens wearing them. Back in the day I had a girl I used to fool around with that liked to wear tube tops. I think she scarred me for life when it comes to them!

Unfortunately I never did get to see this girl I speak of in a g-string. They weren’t around back then. She did, however, like to pull her panties and bikini bottoms into her ass crack and walk around that way for my enjoyment. She was always a performer and I loved it!

Alisa Kiss reminds me a lot about my early crush. Blonde hair, firm boobs and a bubble booty. When I am watching Alisa’s videos I think about my ex and all of the things we did. I also think about the things Alisa Kiss does that we didn’t do!

If you have been searching the net for hot teens you can stop now. You found one and Alisa Kiss is waiting for you in her members area.

Remember, it isn’t polite to make a pretty girl wait!