A Site Devoted to Hot Pool Girls?


My girlfriend thinks I am this super perverted monster because I like hanging out at pools and watching hot teens parade themselves wearing nothing but a little triangular patch of cloth to cover their various private parts. While I’d love to accept the honors, I know I am no different than any other warm blooded male!

I know this because there is a site called Hot Pool Girls and it’s owner is the supreme pool girl fetish god. Not me! I am just a horny slug that used to think college girls dating grandpas was gross until I became one! (grandpa that is.)

Go ahead, ask any of your friends: What portion of P.E. was your favorite? Swimming! Why? Because it is the only time in your life you have any chance in hell of seeing the hottest girl in your class 95% naked!

Our family had a pool growing up. That meant my older sister invited friends to lay out. When I wasn’t masturbating to them from the other side of some window blinds I was offering to rub lotion and sun tanning oil into their backs. and anywhere else they’d let me!

Hot Pool Girls has real college coeds in a variety of situations. Both the videos and the photo sets have girls laying out, changing into their suits, skinny dipping, nude sunbathing, cleaning the pool, sporting camel toe, sporting hard nipples, fooling around, kissing and more!




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18 Years Old


These days girls are finding out about sex at a much earlier age. Maybe it is the Internet, maybe it is differences in parenting, but no matter what it is I fucking love it!

Girls like Michelle from 18 Years Old can’t wait to smoke a cock for their first time. They practice with bananas. They work shampoo bottles up their tight little cunnies in the bath. They want to impress guys with how much they know about sex. And again, I fucking love it!

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