Kayla Banks – Hot Tub Teen

That hot teen in the hot tub is Kayla Banks. Her gallery reminds me of an encounter I had with a girl in school. He always flirted around but nothing ever became of it until one day. The day I saw her in the hot tub.

Like Kayla Banks she had small tits but her nipples weren’t pierced like Kayla’s nipples are. Her pussy had a landing strip of hair and the bottom was shaved bare like Kayla’s pussy is.

We were at her house and her parents were out of town. I don’t know what possesses parents and gives them the feeling their teenage daughter could be left home alone as though nothing is going to happen.

She suggested we get in the hot tub but I didn’t have a suit so she then suggested we should get into the hot tub in our underwear. We were both a little drunk and a lot of high.

I noticed her bra went see-through when it got wet and I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her nipples. She noticed my inability to focus on her eyes when I was talking to her and asked if there was something wrong.

When I said no she looked down and realized that she was giving me a show. To my satisfaction she smiled and pulled her bra to the side. Her nipple looks so appetizing as the pot gave me the munchies. The droplets of water looked like the perfect cure for my cotton mouth.

Before I knew it she removed her bra altogether and stated it was only fair since I didn’t have a shirt on. She was always such a flirt. When she leaned back in her seat in the hot tub her foot found my cock. It was hard as a rock. She yelped and smiled real big.

"What is that?" She quipped.

I told her she knew what it was and she coyly stated that she thought she didn’t have that kind of effect on me. I knew she was full of shit and I told her so. She wondered aloud if my underwear was see through when it got wet.

I stood up and sure enough my white boxers didn’t hide what was underneath at all. My cock was clearly visible. I sat back down and wondered aloud if her panties were see through too. She stood up and yes they were. I could see her landing strip and the fold of her pussy very well. Her panties crept up inside the fold creating a natural camel toe.

She asked if I ever thought about her. I said sure and she rephrased the question. Now it was if I ever thought about her before going to bed or maybe in the shower or something like that.

My pulse raced. My dick got extra hard. She moved her foot over to my cock and pinched the head with her toes while looking me in the eyes. I mumbled, "Sometimes."

She squeezed her toes again and asked, "Just sometimes?"

"OK, often?"

She wanted to see my cock again and when I stood up she took it out through the hole in my boxers.

"Your cock is so hard. Can I kiss it?" She asked.


I thought maybe she would just give it a smooch but it turns out she meant an open mouthed kiss. Feeling her warm tongue on my cock made my knees almost buckle out from under me.

She started working her hand on the shaft and licked the head between bobbing down on it. It only took her two minutes from start to finish. My load shot into her mouth and once she swallowed it all she stated that it was my turn to return the favor.

I couldn’t believe hot beautiful her pussy looked. Soft and wet. Pink and shaved. I wasted no time in tasting it.

She pushed me away and told me it wasn’t going anywhere. Slow down and take my time. I spent five minutes running my tongue from her clit to the vaginal hole and back again. When I made it to the hole I would thrust my tongue up inside her pussy before returning to her clit.

As I was licking her pussy she massaged her nipples and small tits. I could tell this is what she thought about when she was taking a bath or going to bed. Why did we wait so long?

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Horny Tokyo

Japanese girls don’t just look exotic, they also have exotic tastes in sex. They like to do taboo, exotic things. And, they are good at pleasing men…  that is a documented fact.

At Horny Tokyo they find real Japanese girls with a taste for the unusual. Well, actually, it is normal over there… I live in America and to me, this shit is absolutely not normal.

In the gallery above we get to see a sadistic man using vibrators on an extremely hot Japanese babe. Here in America sadistic would be dressing up like an executioner and chaining the bitch to a bed. She would be crying and mascara would be running down her cheeks. I am sorry, but that just isn’t my kind of sadistic porn.

Here you see a Japanese girl getting vibed to orgasm with some pretty strong vibrators. Now that is my kind of torture. She giggles and gets nervous doing this for the first time on camera. That is my kind of humiliation. She has a loud, screaming, moaning orgasm and that is what I like to hear.

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Katie Fey – I Wanna Be Your BF!

Brunette solo model Katie Fey has really been showing some range lately. Katie has been modeling now for a few years and in the beginning most would know her as that barely legal teen with developing tits. Now, people would probably refer to her as that adorable coed with huge juggs.

Katie Fey recently began shaving her pussy and keeping the landing strip on top closely cropped. Good thing too, because Katie has sexy, tight vagina.

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Teenage Decadence

With digital camera prices getting cheaper and cheaper and places on the Internet for teens to post their self pics growing at an alarming pace, it is a great time to be a pervert!

Today we will look at Teenage Decadence. A web site solely devoted to hot amateur teens showing off their bodies for no one in particular. Often they took these photos with the idea that no one would see them. Instead the photos ended up being circulated on the net and the rest is history.

Teenage Decadence started out as a forum for people to post their personal collections of young hotties. The collection grew so large they decided to open it to everyone. With a catch…

Back when Teenage Decadence first started you had to post a large number of pics before you could see other peoples collections. The problem was, some people wanted to look at the collections and they didn’t have any pics they could post. What was a newbie to do?

The answer was to turn Teenage Decadence into a large archive of candid pics and amateur videos then charge people to see them. Now everyone can see the entire collection of porn!

There are literally hundreds of videos in all categories of amateur porn. Girls masturbating before bedtime without knowing they are being video taped, guys renting hotels to make a video Paris Hilton style, you name it, they have got it!

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Manila Amateurs – Rowena

It is time for a special treat. I know a lot of my readers are into Asian teens and in particular, barely legal Asian teens. I found a web site today that is fucking loaded with them. It is called, Manila Amateurs.

The girls are all Filipina and a good portion of them have never done porn before. The videos are complete and uncut. Every emotion comes through the screen. Photos are not retouched so you almost feel you are on a Pinay tour in Manila!

Most of the girls have small tits but, a few have larger ones. Pubic hair ranges from the Filipino rain forest to completely bald and virgin looking.

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