Selina18 – Barely Legal – And HOT!

Selina 18

We are probably a lot a like. When we want something we get it. Not because we push someone around or ask. No, we fuck with shit until we find a way to get what we want. Take an image gallery for example. You notice one picture is missing. So you take one that is there and add a number to the sequence and walla. You find your missing pic.

I was doing this yesterday to some pics with a girl I have never seen before. I got to the bottom of it and figured out why the pics were missing in the first place. The girls name is Selina and you can find her on You cannot find pics for her because there are none. She is that new! Well, there are plenty of pics but they are all in the members area. There are no promotional pics to speak of. Except for the one above (you can click on the one above and see her gallery now!).

It is always exciting to find something new and Selina 18 is the definition of exciting! She is barely legal and wears braces. Her boobs are pert and I love her nipples. She has a rock hard body and a firm ass. Her face looks youthful and.. well… it excites me. has an awesome members area. It just opened but there are already 8 months worth of videos and 6 months worth of pictures. Not a bad collection for a girl who’s web site hasn’t even officially opened yet! While it hasn’t opened, you can join (I did) and use the members area with no problems (I did that too!). Her videos are great and this girl looks awesome in a bikini. She sports a lot of them in the members area. She is bi-sexual, which is good because I love to watch teen girls kissing. Two nubile bodies making love. Exciting! Her friend Paulina is barely legal to the max too. I wish they would come out with a web site for her also. I would join it immediately! She also does hardcore with guys. Sometimes two at a time.
The updates for Selina 18 come in on a weekly basis and with plenty of archives you will have a lot of catching up to do. Enjoy!

Nubiles – Daffney

Tasty Candy

While she looks tasty enough to eat, her name isn’t Candy, it is Daffney. I don’t know who comes up with the stripper names over there at but this girl does not look like a duck nor does she look like a nerd from Scooby Do… She does look like the ultimate escort in Las Vegas. I know I am just getting started but, Daffney has me so excited at this point that I am ready to book a red eye flight to Vegas right fucking now!

Daffney might look nice and sweet, but her tattoo tells another story. I don’t like tattoos on my girlfriends but I do enjoy them on my strippers. They let you know this girl is open minded and open to just about anything you can come up with.

So, what if Daffney isn’t your cup of tea? What if you like brunettes or redheads or short hair as apposed to long hair? Not a problem. Nubiles has a very large collection of teen girls for you. 397 to be exact and they add more each week.

I happen to like Daffney and picked her specifically because she loves to masturbate on video. I also like her little landing strip. It leaves her pussy bare, but screams, “Fuck me here!”

The girls at Nubiles do both softcore and hardcore. With so many models and so many episodes per model it is impossible not to find several girls to look at. Plus with the daily updates there is always something new!

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Hayden Heart – Blue Panties

Hayden Heart Panties

Well guys, there is a new heart throb in town and her name is Hayden Heart. Personally I find it impossible not to want to bone this chick just by looking at her pussy. That thing is one fine, tasty looking pussy! Her blue satin panties also help. I’d love to rub them into her clit or have her give me a handjob with them.

Hayden has a nice juicy ass. Not huge and certainly not small either. The thought of feeling those fleshy thighs and that globie ass on my legs during a lap dance is more than enough fuel to drive my boner. One of her best assets isn’t her ass though, it is her girl next door appeal.

The updates at come in on a weekly basis. Hayden loves to model her panties. So if you have a fetish for looking at girls with cheeky butts in panties, you have found you home!