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What can possibly be hotter than watching a hot teen have a private moment with herself in the bath tub?

It is actually kind of strange to refer to masturbation as a private moment since it isn’t really all that private. Very few people masturbate about themselves. They are usually having their private moment with somebody else in their mind making it not so private after all.

But enough philosophic babel. Lets focus on the matter. [ahem]. at hand!

This nubile teen is Ivana Fukalot. She and her teenage friends are turning the porn world on edge. No more cookie cutter bullshit from Hue Hefner. Today’s porn is all about hot teens like Ivana. flaws and all.

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I happen to like her itty bitty titties. I enjoy her real looks. Sure, she ain’t no cover girl, but then I hate the girls on the cover. Seriously. It is very rare for me to pick up a Playboy and prefer the girl on the cover over the other girls throughout the magazine.

Especially this latest issue. What in the fuck happened to America’s little sweetheart? Yes, I am talking about Lindsey Lohan. Jesus she really went down the tubes!

So again. enough side-tracking. Lets focus on the. [ahem]. matter at hand, shall we?

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Sure, her boobies are the biggest in the world. Sure, she isn’t polished like Sunny Leone or Abbey Brooks. But there can be no denying that Lil Candy is a hot teen. Sometimes the girl next door is just what the night calls for and on those nights Candy has you covered!

Lil Candy has been shooting porn for a few years now. She got her start at 18 years old when she was barely legal. Some guy was looking for hot teens to do modeling shoots and Candy answered the call. The rest is history!

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Girls and their sleepovers. Every time my sister invited her friends over for a sleepover I was always fascinated by how little they would wear around me. Every once in a while one of the girls would break off from the bunch and tease the hell out of me!

I guess that is why I prefer seeing hot teens in pictures like the one above. I am not really big on seeing guys in my porn. I’d much rather see two girls sharing a moment instead!

True Tere, pronounced True Teh-Deh, was one of the original solo models. When her site opened in 2002 almost nobody was using real teenagers. Nobody wanted to get thrown in jail even though the girls were all legal.

She never did full nudity, but I didn’t mind at all. I never got to see any of my sister’s friends naked so I guess the final unopened surprise was better than showing it all and possibly going home unsatisfied.

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