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LittleBadGirl in the shower

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Just last night I was talking to a hot teen camgirl going by the name of LittleBadGirl. She lived up to her name for sure. I have a thing about watching girls in the shower and she was nice enough to take our cam session into the bathroom. She pretended to be washing off the oil from laying out by the pool. She was so sexy lathering up in the shower and sexily removing her bikini.

Once naked this little bad girl began to lather up her vagina for a very close shave. During the shave she noticed how good it felt to rub her little clitty and she did so until she cameā€¦ hard!

At the end she "caught" me spying on her and promised me that I would receive some punishment the next night. I was so hard waiting to get my consequence!

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Hot Teen Coeds Kissing At The Pool

hot teen pool party

I was a lucky kid growing up. I had a sister who had some extremely hot friends and they all liked to fool around with each other. During the summer my mom took on a job to help make extra money for the eventual day my sister would get married. This left me and my sister at home with no supervision. I told my sister I was joining a soccer camp that met on certain days of the week so she would think she was alone more often then she really was. It worked like a charm.

My sis and her friends would go out to the pool thinking I had left for soccer practice. Little did they know I was up in her room going through their used panties, sniffing them, tasting them and rubbing them on my hard cock.

Downstairs, through her window, I watched them lez out at the pool. They had no idea that wet stuff in their panties wasn’t the snail trails they left behind. It was the precum I left behind. It felt good to know they were in contact with something that came out of my dick!

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If there is one thing I know how to do it is how to locate hot teens like Miyu from CKE18. This Japanese sweetheart has a good temperament when it comes to listening to men around her. In this case the photographer just wanted her to be nature and boy does she ever look naturally beautiful in her striped bikini. There are some hot underwater shots where she pulls the bikini down that you will want to see by clicking on her picture above.


You probably have a busy life and you don’t have time to be snapping photos of cute Japanese girls rustling around in shallow water. Because of this the guys at have put together a site that will allow you to relish in some hot erotic pics without doing any heavy lifting.

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Bikini Selfies

Sometimes the hottest babes in your area live right next door. I know you have to have at least two or three teenage girls living on your street that are this hot. It is a funny thing about teen girls; they are in their prime when it comes to their looks. While you are in college only 30% of them seem like they are hot teens status. Once you graduate that number moves up to 50% and by the time you are in your 40’s it is more like 85% of them are plenty fuckable.

Check out Girlfriend Selfshot for plenty more bikini selfies of girls in their absolute prime. The owner of the site makes sure to keep it plenty packed with young cuties snapping photos of themselves scantly clad or completely naked. He even posts videos!

The site recently underwent a huge upgrade content wise with dozens of full sets uploaded. I love looking at quick selfies of cute girls just as much as the next guy, but I go cuckoo for Coco Puffs when I see multiple pics of the same amateur girl.

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Blonde Hottie Giving A Lap Dance Video


Hot teens like this blonde aren’t born sluts, they have to be groomed. Luckily society usually does the grooming for us so there is always a steady stream of hot blonde babes willing to do lap dances at every strip club across America. Find a girl at the right time and you just might be able to take her home for a private show.

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The videos are filled with hot teens. Many of them are completely amateur and were not meant to see the light of day. I guess girls never learn. Once you make a naked video of yourself the likelihood of it staying under wraps is zero!

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Hot teens like Dream Kelly don’t even have to try to be hot. She could put on a pair of grandma panties and everybody would still think she was the hottest thing since butter on toast!

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Hot Teen Lesbians


It is summertime and things are heating up at Sapphic Erotica. Things don’t get any hotter than watching two hot teens licking each others pussy out by the pool. And you thought the cheer-leading squad swam at their pool parties!

Sapphic Erotica has been open for a decade. A decade! In Internet years that is like saying they have been around since America’s Civil War!

(What is so civil about war anyway?)

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Teen Beach Candids


Have you ever went really far in one direction and then thought to yourself, where in the fuck am I? I’ve been feeling that way lately about my blog posts. It is time to bring things back to hot teens like the ones above and below.


Both of these girls are undeniably cute. No need to figure out which one is the hotter one because you get both and many, many more!

The site is called Beach Candids and they do one thing and one thing only. Find super hot, super cute teens at beaches wearing bikinis and other forms of clothing that don’t cover much. Some even go topless!

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A Site Devoted to Hot Pool Girls?


My girlfriend thinks I am this super perverted monster because I like hanging out at pools and watching hot teens parade themselves wearing nothing but a little triangular patch of cloth to cover their various private parts. While I’d love to accept the honors, I know I am no different than any other warm blooded male!

I know this because there is a site called Hot Pool Girls and it’s owner is the supreme pool girl fetish god. Not me! I am just a horny slug that used to think college girls dating grandpas was gross until I became one! (grandpa that is.)

Go ahead, ask any of your friends: What portion of P.E. was your favorite? Swimming! Why? Because it is the only time in your life you have any chance in hell of seeing the hottest girl in your class 95% naked!

Our family had a pool growing up. That meant my older sister invited friends to lay out. When I wasn’t masturbating to them from the other side of some window blinds I was offering to rub lotion and sun tanning oil into their backs. and anywhere else they’d let me!

Hot Pool Girls has real college coeds in a variety of situations. Both the videos and the photo sets have girls laying out, changing into their suits, skinny dipping, nude sunbathing, cleaning the pool, sporting camel toe, sporting hard nipples, fooling around, kissing and more!




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Hot Teens in Bikinis


So this guy is minding his own business when his neighbors teenage daughter pops out of the house wearing a bikini and tons of suntan oil. He is intrigued so he grabs his camera and starts shooting.

She proceeds to wash her dads SUV and as she is going it she bends over – a lot! She also leans over showing her glistening teen tits and a whole lot more! Just about the only thing that could have made this guys day better is if he’d shot some video of this teenage hottie!

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One of my favorite lesbian sites is called Sapphic Erotica. They have been around forever and they know how to do lesbian videos right. None of that bullshit, “Uhh!, uhh!, oh yes!, ohhhhhhh!!!!”

At Sapphic Erotica you get to see real chicks that are really into each other. Sometimes literally!

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Non Nude Girls : Beach Candids


Teenage girls can be pretty persuasive went they want to be. Take the two hot teens in the beach candid above. Sure, anybody with a pulse would give their right tactical to fuck the girl on the left. Fucking the girl on the right might take a little more persuasionā€¦

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Non Nude Girls finds hot teens wearing next to nothing and puts them all in one convenient location. Sure, you could probably find candid beach photos on your own by trolling around the net, but who has the time?

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Dry Humping – Pool Toy


Boy I wish I could have found a larger picture, but this one will have to do. As is, it brings back many great memories of a girl I once knew.

She lived a couple doors down from me and our families were pretty close. Close enough that instead of knocking it was expected that I would just walk into the backyard on a Saturday and join who ever was in the pool.

On one fateful day the side gate was already ajar so I quietly pushed it open and stepped in. To my surprise my friend was in the pool riding a pool toy. and when I say riding, I mean riding!

I stepped back behind the fence and looked through a punched out knot hole. She grinded her pussy into that pool toy like she had a bad itch and the whale was the only thing that could scratch it. I am talking grinding!

Eventually she needed more direct contact and she stopped, looked around, felt comfortable, and then dropped her bikini bottoms and resumed grinding. Now she was going so hard waves were starting to lap water out of the pool!

Soon she got that look of ecstasy and her cheeks went red. Her breathing got super heavy and she began to buck around. I could tell she was cumming. After a bit she went limp and looked like she needed a knap.

I went back to my house and jacked off twice!

Over several weeks time I watched her get her grind on with that pool toy. Eventually I “caught” her doing it and made it known that I masturbated too. She showed me her shower massager technique, her dry humping pillows technique and more.

I wonder what she is doing right now? is a great place to relive those memories and create all new fantasies. Girls dry hump in pantyhose, rub balloons over their oiled and shaved pussies, pillow hump, pool toy hump and more.

There is almost no limit to the kinky shit these girls do!