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Some people say that sexy 18-year-old EvelinaS looks a little bit like actress Eva Angelina. With her long, dark brown hair and brown eyes, pouty lips and smoldering good looks there is a certain resemblance between the two. It is almost as if EvelinaS is like Eva’s hotter younger sister.

With a body that measures in at 35-24-24 Eva might be barely legal, but she is developed in all the right places. She has perky, perfect tits, amazing, slightly round hips and a cute little bubble butt that you could bounce a quarter off of. She is clearly among the cream of the crop when it comes to Fapshows’ hot cam teens.

She likes to keep it classy with sexy, thigh high stockings, tight black dresses and some very hot, erotic lingerie, but she also has a very strong sex drive and can’t wait to take those things off and show off her amazing body.

EvelinaS loves having very naughty chat sessions on her cam, especially if they lead to her clothes finding their way to the floor and her fingers finding their way into her tight, wet pussy.

Hot And Sexy Caribbean Teen Candi Cruz


Wow… just wow!

Not only is Candi Cruz the love of my life, I have also managed to spell Caribbean right on the first fucking try. I thought for sure I’d fuck that up. Especially since this girls mocha flavored skin is corrupting the fuck out of my mind.

Candi is from the Caribbean so you really can’t call her black and you really can’t call her Hispanic. You can call her a hot mixture of island cultures though.

I found a boatload of hot cam babes on The blog updates with photos and there are often videos of the girls you can watch right on the site. In fact, Candi has a video and it is going to turn your brain into a puss filled bowl of jelly. Then again, it is more likely to turn your boxers into a cream filled, gooey gelatinous mass of cum!

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Teen Lilly Hot Teen


Part of me finds it off that I get so many Teen Lilly requests. I guess it is because she is so girl next door and not very Playboy like. Then again, sometimes that is what makes a hot teen so fucking hot. The fact that she has to try!

The reality of it is that the girl next door doesn’t even have to try to be a hot teen. Guys will stick their dick into anything. Ever hear of the kid in England that recently stuck his dick down the barrel of a gun and it went off?

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Teen Lilly


Hot teens are a funny thing. Most women always think they are so darling and sweet. Most guys have a push/pull yearning to both protect and corrupt them. What most people don’t understand is that most hot teen girls are already corrupted!

I don’t know if I hit some kind of golden vain or what, but it seems just about every girl I have ever dated has stepped forward at some point, either while we are dating or later in life, to tell me that she is bisexual and had been ever since she was a little girl!

Teen Lilly is one of those hot teens. She has been experimenting with her girlfriends for years. Now she is ready to lay everything she has learned in our collective laps… LITERALLY!

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Taylor Lain


Summer time is here and nothing says hot teens like a spicy hot Latina! Taylor Lain shows us her perky boobs and her fleshy, yet firm ass and then checks the temperature on our thermometers before getting naked in order to "beat the heat"!

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Cierra Spice Bathtub Masturbation


Contrary to popular belief, hot teens aren’t born with a silver dildo shoved up their twats. Without really knowing what a guys cock looks like or what it would feel like inside her, this hot teen ended up finding her clit first.

Cierra Spice found her clit by accident. She was doing some school work on her bed and used a pillow between her legs while lying on her side. Eventually she shifted to her stomach and that pillow ended up under her hips. Soon her thoughts turned to a guy she liked and she began to realize she was subconsciously grinding her pelvis in order to make a strange, and small, good feeling into a huge, all consuming, great feeling!

After several minutes of her grinding she began to pick up the pace and moan softly. Cierra found it harder and harder to breath and she felt a warmth growing in her belly. Cierra Spice buried her face into a pillow to muffle her moans as an orgasm shot through her. She jerked her hips spastically as she came back to the world. Cierra had her first orgasm!

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Latin Teen Pass – Sandra


Hot teens do some pretty damn hot things. Sandra from La Zona Modelos is showing us that she can penetrate her vagina with her fingers from behind!

I had a girlfriend that used to masturbate like this when I was in college. I thought it was an odd way of masturbating and asked her why she chose to do it like this. She said it was because that is how I liked to fuck her, so she touched herself that way to pretend it was me.

Now I don’t know about you, but that is fucking hot!

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Little Liana


When Little Liana asked her parents if she could have her friend stay over they didn’t even hesitate to say yes. After all, they were going away for the weekend and their poor little girl was going to be all alone!

Yeah. right!

What her parents didn’t know is that their little girl wasn’t so little after all. In fact, she single handedly stole the virginity of just about every boy and girl on her block!

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Amanda Mirelli


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

When it comes to hot teens and the enjoyment of seeing them naked, the holidays are always a special time of year. All of the solo models take this time to give back to their loyal fans.

One of those hot teens is Amanda Mirelli. She has a little bubble butt and small tits with a petite frame. With her all-year-long tan she looks hot and spicy enough to cuddle with. or to find yourself with underneath some mistletoe!

Amanda Mirelli goes out of her way to please her fans. She takes requests and regularly talks with her members in the members only forum. Some would say Amanda is a tease. I don’t mind. I enjoy having my cum teased out of me!

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Lindy Lopez


So I am scouring the Internet for hot teens and I come across a couple of brand new sites. One of which is called Lindy Lopez. All of these sites are brand spanking new so don’t expect tons of content in each members area. Instead expect to get 9 solo models and 2 multi-model sites for the price of one!

If you hurry now you get locked in at this rate. So even when the girls have tons of content and split up, you still get this amazing deal.

Lindy Lopez has an amazing set of tits and a juicy ass. The kind of girl you can bring home to your momma. Of course you need to be ready. Momma is going to want to know when her grandkids are coming. Just tell her you are trying. a lot!

While her site states there are no videos, she does have them. Like I said, this place is brand new and has plenty of kinks in it design wise. Be rest assured that I am on top of everything that needs to be fixed and have been communicating with her webmaster to fix them.

Who is he? The same guy that built some other sites I have reviewed like Cofi Milan, Amy Days, Holli Paige, Ariel Rebel, Andi Pink and Bailey Kline, just to name a few. This guy kicks ass and so do his girls!

Tania Spice


More often then not hot teens come in small packages. Tania Spice is a bit of an exception. She has long legs, a lengthy torso and a large set of boobs. She is one hell of an exception if you ask me!

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Pamela Spice – Spicy Hot Teen


Even hot teens like Pamela Spice have to cool things down for a while. In these videos from you can watch Pamela shower off her naked teen body and prep herself for a night on the town.

Pamela Spice isn’t the only hot teen you get. Her membership also includes her spicy friends too. Twins included!

Each of the spicy sites features several updates a week. Put them all together and you get multiple updates a day!

Cierra Spice – Hot Teens


Remember the first time your girlfriend wore a slutty piece of lingerie for you? For me it was our prom. Underneath her dress she wore this green satin piece like the one Cierra Spice is wearing above.

You wanna talk about hot teens? My girlfriend has a C-Cup rack in high school. The night of the prom was also the first time she fucked me cock with those tits of hers. Don’t get me wrong. I like small tits like Cierra Spice has too. I truly believe hot teens come in all shapes and sizes.

Seeing that gallery of Cierra Spice dressed in lingerie brought me back. I think that is why guys go to solo model sites. To bring them back to a time when they were banging chicks like Cierra every weekend.

And for those that weren’t getting laid every weekend by hot teens like Cierra Spice? Well, you come in here to fulfill those fantasies.

Let’s face it, Cierra Spice was way out of most of our circles. Girls like her had us doing her homework and that was about it. Now she is sharing herself with us completely! It would be against the laws of the universe to deny her. We would only be denying ourselves!

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