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Christmas break is usually considered to be the opposite of Spring Break. All of the students leave the school, but they all go home to their parents, not to some far flung party destination. But what about the girls that don’t have anybody to return to for whatever reason?

Do you really think they just sit around crocheting a Christmas quilt?

Fuck no!

The leftover hoes get together with the leftover bros and they have some crazy sex parties. With the girls getting drunk on eggnog they don’t care much about the guys wanting to videotape their sexplotations.

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I used to play Simon Says back in the day, but I never played this stripping version. Apparently college girls are playing this version more and more. Some even use it to get other girls to try being bisexual. I guess I was born into the wrong generation!

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So this guy is minding his own business when his neighbors teenage daughter pops out of the house wearing a bikini and tons of suntan oil. He is intrigued so he grabs his camera and starts shooting.

She proceeds to wash her dads SUV and as she is going it she bends over – a lot! She also leans over showing her glistening teen tits and a whole lot more! Just about the only thing that could have made this guys day better is if he’d shot some video of this teenage hottie!

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Sophie Ellison

One of the best fucks I ever had back in school came my way from a girl that looked a lot like Sophie Ellison above. As far as hot teens go, this girl was on fire. She shaved her pussy before it was the norm. She asked me to do her anal!

The night Sophie and I met we were at a party. Everyone was drunk and stoned. Over time couples paired off and found rooms or darkened corners of rooms to have sex in. Sophie and I ended up talking in the living room.

This particular party was billed as a pajama party so she was wearing a short nighty and panties. I kept sneaking peaks of her light blue panties here and there. My dick was begging me to take this thing further!

I challenged Sophie Ellison to a game of truth or dare. I was hoping to get more than just an upskirt view of her. An unwritten rule in teenage partying states: If you challenge a girl to a heads up match of truth or dare and she accepts, you can expect to get laid in less than an hour if you keep your wits about you.

She accepted my challenge and the game was on. I let her go first and went with truth to break the ice. She asked if I had ever jacked off before. I gave her a yes.

Next, it was my turn. She took truth. I asked her if she had ever had sex in public before. I got a yes. Her turn.

“Have you ever thought about me when you jack off?”


“Bullshit! You have to answer the question definitively!”


“Is that a yes or a no?”


“What did you think about specifically?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know? Truth or Dare?”


“OK, I dare you to take off your panties and toss them behind the couch.”

Sophie smiled wryly and stood up. She peeled her panties off slowly and did as she was told. Unfortunately her nighty covered just enough to keep me from seeing home base.

“Truth or Dare, buster?”

“Umm. Dare.”

“I dare you to remove everything except your underwear.”

“Hey, someone could come out here! That isn’t fair!”

“Do it or game over!”

With the prospect of losing my match partner looming I removed my pajamas and found it a little embarrassing when she saw my rock hard boner through my shorts.

“Ewww! Somebody is horny! Haha!”

Luckily my pre-cum hadn’t already started soaking through yet.

“T or D?”

“Dare!” She exclaimed.

Hmm. Somebody wants to up the ante or so it seemed. “I dare you to rest the hem of your nighty on your thighs. Sophie smiled ear to ear and her cheeks went flush. She looked behind me at the dark hallway. We could hear a couple in the hallway having sex. She looked back at me and pulled her hem up. Her pussy was wet and her lips were all puffy!

“Ewww! Somebody is horny!”

“T or D?”

I chose truth just to fuck with her. She asked me if I had ever peeped in someone’s window. Fuck me! This bitch is good at this!



“Only one answer per turn, my dear!”

Sophie picked truth also and I asked her how often she thought about me while masturbating. She thought for a little bit and answered, “80% of the time.” Damn this bitch is good!

Since she went truth I figured she wanted me to in order to get more info on her last question. So I went dare.

“OK. I dare you to show me how you masturbated while you were looking in my window.”

FUCK! Talk about your formidable opponents!

After some thought I walked around the other side of one of the couches and got on my knees. I put one hand in my shorts and the other on the back of the couch. She tried to stand to see what I was doing behind the couch and I told her, “No, no. You weren’t standing when I was looking. You were sitting at your study table with your legs parted and I could see your panties.”

Sophie sat back down and lifted her hem again. I started working my cock, giving it some much needed attention and a door opened down the hallway. I crouched further down ready to duck completely if someone entered the room. The bathroom door closed and I figured it was safe to go back to our game.

Once I was seated in front of Sophie Ellison again she went for a dare. I dared her to put on the same kind of show she would have had she known I was looking. She parted her legs wider and again checked the hallway before inserting her finger into her now dripping wet vagina.

After she had her finger lubed good with her pussy oil she began to rub her swollen clit. I pulled my cock out and started stroking it for her. We went through a mixture of highs and lows. We didn’t want the moment to end so we teased ourselves for the others benefit.

After about 10 minutes my nuts were getting soar and it was time for this portion of the game to end. I went behind the couch and retrieved her panties. I wrapped them around my cock and was amazed by the soft satin material. I had never used satin on my cock before and it felt so good I blew my load almost immediately.

As she watched her panties fill with my fluid Sophie reached orgasm. She moaned softly and her hips bucked wildly. Her stomach muscles twitched. As her waves of pleasure subsided she clamped her legs together and opened her eyes. Sophie’s face went red again.

“That was hot!” I wanted to let her know that her performance was nothing to be embarrassed about.

“Thanks, so were you!” Sophie responded.

Sophie grabbed a blanket from a basket on the side of the couch and we both got under it. Before the night was over we tried just about every position known to man and then made up a few more!

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Why not?

This is the girl that is going to let you take pictures of her naked. She might even let you watch her make out with her girl friends. There are lots of reasons to pick this girl.

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With digital camera prices getting cheaper and cheaper and places on the Internet for teens to post their self pics growing at an alarming pace, it is a great time to be a pervert!

Today we will look at Teenage Decadence. A web site solely devoted to hot amateur teens showing off their bodies for no one in particular. Often they took these photos with the idea that no one would see them. Instead the photos ended up being circulated on the net and the rest is history.

Teenage Decadence started out as a forum for people to post their personal collections of young hotties. The collection grew so large they decided to open it to everyone. With a catch…

Back when Teenage Decadence first started you had to post a large number of pics before you could see other peoples collections. The problem was, some people wanted to look at the collections and they didn’t have any pics they could post. What was a newbie to do?

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Shane’s World Autumn Haze

Autumn Blowjob

Ahh, Sweety, you missed a spot.

That cutie with cum drooling off of her lower lip is Autumn Haze from Shane’s World. You have probably heard of her before. In 2003 she won a double “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” at the AVN awards. Judging from the picture above Autumn obviously isn’t affraid of doing the things your girlfriend wouldn’t be caught dead doing. But this post isn’t just about Autumn…

No, this post is about Back in 1996 Seymore Butts girlfriend, porn actress Shane started her own company Shane’s World Productions. While her ex shot anal porn in a gonzo style, Shane liked to party. She preferred a real world meets gonzo style that centered around college parties.

Eventually the Internet took over as the porn medium of choice for most men and was born. With over 10 years of content under her belt, Shane has built the website into a temple of porn. Weekly episodes range from unknown amateurs to well known pornstars.

No matter what the underlying plot is for an episode one thing is for sure, the girls are hot and the energy is high. Like I said earlier, Shane’s World is all about partying! At everyday is springbreak!

At Shane’s World an often recurring theme is surprising a college party with a pornstar who is ready to fuck and suck the entire basketball team! Talk about kids in a candy store… the look on the guys faces is priceless. Tagging a pornstar you have been masturbating to since Select TV was in business? You can’t put a price on that!

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