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Mandy Mayhem is the small tits teen on the right and her friend Chase is the blonde babe on the left. As you can tell Mandy is bi-sexual. Her site is loaded with her masturbation videos and lesbian videos too! (here they are in the shower!) is a site like no other. What makes it special you ask? Mandy does live photo and video shoots. You get an upfront seat to all of the action! No other solo model gives you this kind of access!

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Gigi Spice – Two Hot Teens!


While one teen is hot, two hot teens are even hotter!

Gigi Spice is a Latina solo model with a kickass body. Her small tits are perfect little mounds of pert girly flesh. Gigi likes to keep her pussy shaved smooth. Combine those small tits and that shaved pussy with her tight little fanny, then cap it all of with a cute, fresh face and you have a little sex firecracker!

On her site, Gigi does it all. Tons of masturbation videos, girls kissing videos and hardcore sex videos. Each of the videos comes with high resolution pics. Good thing too because, with a pussy like hers you are going to want to zoom in!

Gigi Spice looks so barely legal a lot of people put her in the jailbait category. While she isn’t true jailbait since she is 18 years old I can see why people feel this way. I mean, she wears braces!

Once you join Gigi Spice you will have access to a large network of both solo model Latina sites and multi-model Latina sites. BTW, I hope you like twins because one of the sites features some of the hottest Latina twins getting naked I have ever laid eyes on!

Little Caprice

When was the last time you dated a hot teen that weighed in at a tiny 90 lbs? Having such a thin body allows Little Caprice to have a set of decently sized tits. The trippy part is that they only have an A-Cup of flesh. But when you put even that small amount of flesh on such a petite girl they look like B’s!

Little Caprice just turned 18 years old only a month ago. Her site is literally brand spanking new. If you have never heard of this girl that might be why.

Unlike other hot teens Caprice does hardcore. Being so young she is also a bit quirky. It is cute to watch her work on a cock knowing she is new to all of this. Being young and spunky has its advantages (for us). She is willing to do anything because she hasn’t done much yet!

Her site updates three times a week and Little Caprice likes to engage her fans via a messaging system. Members also get access to her friend Kaira 18. Two hot teens for the price of one!