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Hot And Sexy Caribbean Teen Candi Cruz


Wow… just wow!

Not only is Candi Cruz the love of my life, I have also managed to spell Caribbean right on the first fucking try. I thought for sure I’d fuck that up. Especially since this girls mocha flavored skin is corrupting the fuck out of my mind.

Candi is from the Caribbean so you really can’t call her black and you really can’t call her Hispanic. You can call her a hot mixture of island cultures though.

I found a boatload of hot cam babes on WebcamsDot.com. The blog updates with photos and there are often videos of the girls you can watch right on the site. In fact, Candi has a video and it is going to turn your brain into a puss filled bowl of jelly. Then again, it is more likely to turn your boxers into a cream filled, gooey gelatinous mass of cum!



And Papa Bear said, “Some hot teens have been sleeping in my bed and one of them is still here!”

With that Papa Bear told Mama Bear to take Baby Bear to grandmas house and he locked the bedroom door. “No reason to let a piece of tail like this go to waste!”

OK. and now the real story.

So this guy is at a coffee shop mesmerized by this hot teen working behind the counter. He asks her if she has done any modeling and she laughs.

“Me? A model? Pleeeeeeaaase.”

“No really,” he says, “You are plenty hot enough!”

She takes his card and after a while she decides to hit him up. Maybe she can afford college if he can make her some money. Turns out he can make her some money. Lots of money. Why? Because she has some killer long legs that terminate into one of the hottest asses on either side of the Mississippi.

Polliana updates her site each week and currently has over 54 videos. She does photo sets by herself and with friends and they number in the hundreds with the total images in the tens of thousands. She even uploads candid photos from her personal life.

One of the hottest touches to her site is the members forum. Unlike most forums this one is actually busy. Busy with her taking member requests, busy chatting up members and busy with members sharing and talking about a wide range of subjects.

Polliana is well known for incorporating her member’s requests into her site. She will even wear something you want to send her. Not bad for a girl who only a year ago was working behind a counter!