Sheer Ecstasy

It’s almost the same face she pulls when she’s in pain, but you know it’s not. Perhaps it does hurt just a little and maybe if you were to ask her she’d tell you that it just hurts so good.

You can just see how much she loves the fact that he’s pulling her onto his cock by her hair. Just being dominant enough as she loves a man that takes charge. Just rough enough as to cause a hint of pain but not so much that he’s being abusive. Just perfect.

I don;t know how often people just get this balance right, how often you just click at that level the first time but I’m willing to bet it’s seldom. In my experience it takes getting to know your partner and over time you develop that level of being in sync, in touch with each others needs, wants and desires.

This is porn though and they’re not a couple so I guess it is a bit of a magic moment.

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