Dry Humping – Pool Toy


Boy I wish I could have found a larger picture, but this one will have to do. As is, it brings back many great memories of a girl I once knew.

She lived a couple doors down from me and our families were pretty close. Close enough that instead of knocking it was expected that I would just walk into the backyard on a Saturday and join who ever was in the pool.

On one fateful day the side gate was already ajar so I quietly pushed it open and stepped in. To my surprise my friend was in the pool riding a pool toy. and when I say riding, I mean riding!

I stepped back behind the fence and looked through a punched out knot hole. She grinded her pussy into that pool toy like she had a bad itch and the whale was the only thing that could scratch it. I am talking grinding!

Eventually she needed more direct contact and she stopped, looked around, felt comfortable, and then dropped her bikini bottoms and resumed grinding. Now she was going so hard waves were starting to lap water out of the pool!

Soon she got that look of ecstasy and her cheeks went red. Her breathing got super heavy and she began to buck around. I could tell she was cumming. After a bit she went limp and looked like she needed a knap.

I went back to my house and jacked off twice!

Over several weeks time I watched her get her grind on with that pool toy. Eventually I “caught” her doing it and made it known that I masturbated too. She showed me her shower massager technique, her dry humping pillows technique and more.

I wonder what she is doing right now?

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Cute Cristina


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Little Liana


When Little Liana asked her parents if she could have her friend stay over they didn’t even hesitate to say yes. After all, they were going away for the weekend and their poor little girl was going to be all alone!

Yeah. right!

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