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Nubiles Dolly Spice Hardcore Teen Sex

We could sit here and debate whether or not this blonde cutie from Nubiles is really named Dolly Spice or we can watch the video below and forget about semantics. I am going to do the later and I hope you aren’t so OCD that you choose the first option!

Still with me? Good!

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Nubiles has over 1,000 models and adds three more every week. One of the new hot teens they add each week does hardcore teen sex videos like Dolly. So you get the best of both worlds with plenty of hardcore and softcore to go around.

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Nubiles Carley Hardcore Schoolgirl Video has been updating with three new hot teens for years. What you might not know, up until now, is that Nubiles isn’t just about softcore. Each week one of the three new models does hardcore and this one is named Carley.

When Carley was first approached about doing a hardcore video for Nubiles she didn’t think to much of it. She figured she would just have sex like she always does. Wrong! Her male model counterpart had other ideas!

He filled this hot teen with seven inches of cock. The problem was Carley could only comfortably handle about six inches of it. That last inch really "broke the camels back" as they say!

In the after interview Carley talks about how getting her cherry popped hurt less! In the end she said she was happy she did it and that she’d be back for more abuse soon!

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No doubt many of the hot teens around the world have masturbated in the tub before. Probably even that fat slug Oprah has masturbated in a tub before. This means she cannot bitch about like she does with Playboy on account of these barely legal girls actually do the things portrayed on Nubiles!

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Now, before Oprah comes in here and tells me this hasn’t been done before let me just say it now, I have had sex with my sleeping girlfriend before. She often wakes me up with a blowjob. So shut the fuck up you fat slug!

OK. So I said that Nubiles has branched out. Here you have Lexi Angel getting some sleep sex. She eventually rubs her pussy because she loves the taste of this guys cock so much and then gets her tight pussy plowed through.

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