Teen Katie


Teens are hot and there is nothing hotter than watching hot teens sucking on big sticks!

Today we have Teen Katie. She is like the girl next door if the girl next door was a cheerleader. Looking at her in her bikini is almost deceiving. Her small tits and her firm ass make her look so fucking barely legal!

You could say that Teen Katie is an amateur. Personally I prefer timid and shy girls like her to professional sluts any day of the week. Take the tour and check out the pictures page. There is a pic of her in a white g-string with red trim. Fucking gorgeous camel toe!

If you have a thing for hot teens with flawless bodies you will find Teen Katie the perfect way to spend an evening. She gets totally naked and even does shoots with her girlfriends. A few of which I hope she can talk into doing sites of their own.

Everything is shot in HD and the pictures are so fucking crisp it is truly incredible. Like I said, her body is flawless. Watching her youthful body prance around naked is the definition of bliss!

Total Super Cuties – Nicole


When I think of hot teens I think of the girl next door. A girl I actually have a chance of banging. I was never one to subscribe to the mainstream media’s very of what is or isn’t hot.

Nicole from Total Super Cuties looks like the hot teen from next door. A little shy, but outgoing enough to be on a porn site. She is naive in many ways. Totally moldable and she needs a sugar daddy like you to help her along.

Each of the models at Total Super Cuties shoots several picture sets and videos. Nicole is in 19 updates. All of them teasing non-nude scenes. God, she is just like the girl next door!

Some girls at Total Super Cuties get fully nude and others only show their tits. To me this in a win-win because I enjoy panty shots. I enjoy teasing and I spend more time in the non-nude profiles than I do in the nude ones.

With 56 different girls and over 330 movies the variety here at Total Super Cuties is enough to satisfy. There are close to 150,000 pics and even though some sites sport half a million or more, Total Super Cuties doesn’t have a shitload of the exact same thing. Every pic is as unique as the girls they depict!

My 18 Teens – Camel Toe


It is no secret that hot teens have hot camel toe videos. The folks at My 18 Teens have captured this young hot teen named Adrianna masturbating her pussy while looking at Internet porn. Yes, believe it or not, hot babes look at porn just as much as you do!

My18Teens.com doesn’t stop at softcore videos of girls rubbing one out. They keep going and have the girls often engaging in group sex with other teens of both the same and the opposite sex. Girls give blowjobs, get banged anal and ride the pony like there is no tomorrow.


Because these girls are amateurs and they enjoy sex. They aren’t doing this strictly to get paid. They are not having fake orgasms and they aren’t sporting fake tits. This is the real deal when it comes to teenagers fucking!

So get get off with Adrianna above and watch videos of her wrapping that tight teenage pussy of hers around some lucky guy’s stiff hard cock!

Tania Spice


More often then not hot teens come in small packages. Tania Spice is a bit of an exception. She has long legs, a lengthy torso and a large set of boobs. She is one hell of an exception if you ask me!

It is about time Tania got her own site. For almost a year she has been tag-teaming with her friends Pamela Spice, Gigi Spice and Cierra Spice. I wondered if she would ever get her own site. Obviously she is hot enough. That day has arrived and you can thank the guys at Latin Teen Pass for it.

Tania Spice is reason enough to plunk down the cash, but because she is part of the Latin Teen Pass network you get her and six of her friends. I already mention three of them. In addition to the solo sites you also get the Spice Twins and three multi-model sites.

Each girl does a mix of different things. Some go topless, some masturbate, some have sex with their girlfriends and others go all the way. Take the Tania Spice tour and check the bottom of the page for more details.

Liz Vicious


What is it about goth chicks that drive men to them like moths to a porch light? Liz Vicious has a body like any other of the hot teens, but with her style of makeup and clothing she looks like she could kill you just as soon as fuck you. Personally I half expect some kind of black widow shit from her. Like after she fucks me, she kills me.

I was just watching a show called Mad Men and it reminded me of Liz Vicious during a scene. I am new to the show and only into the second episode of the first season, so don’t tell me anything that would ruin it for me. For those not familiar with the show it follows an Ad companies creative director named Don Draper. He is trying to keep the Lucky Strikes cigarette account and has to pitch them an idea. During some statistical research it turns out that humans enjoy putting themselves in harms way. That we will smoke even though we know cigarettes can kill us, we smoke them because we enjoy the danger in it. For many of us cigarette smoking is as close to real danger as we are going to get.

Liz Vicious has that same appeal. We flock to her because we half expect her to do us harm or get us into some kind of trouble. She is a walk on the wild side.

Unlike most hot teens I review Liz Vicious does both softcore like the set above and hardcore videos too. Liz updates her site weekly and does shoots with other girls on occasion. If you are lucky you can catch Liz Vicious at a porn convention near your hometown. Get in the members area and you can keep track of what she is doing.

Hot Teens @ Cock Rocking Teens


There is a new hot teens video site in town and it is called Cock Rocking Teens. They basically take teens from the new millennium and put them in clothes from the eighties. Then they bang the living daylights out of them. Perfect for generation-X and Y’ers that find MILF porn a bit too old and solo models a bit to young.

This place is totally, like, a dip back in time, dude. Like, no fucking way!

Quality is top notch and the girls are fucking hotter than I remember them back in the valley girl days. Except for Madonna. She was a hottie back then. and I stress, was and back then.

Updates at Cock Rocking Teens come in weekly and they include a picture set. Anyone that ever banged a valley girl, ever wanted to bang a valley girl or watched Despirately Seeking Susan like it was porn will, like, totally get into this site!