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I paid her a few nice compliments and asked her where she was from. Then I told her she is the absolute hottest girl I had ever seen on a webcam. I told her how it is great that she is hot because it totally dispels the notion that only ugly girls do webcams. After a while I got to see her perky boobs. Damn her nipples are made for nibbling!

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When I was in school, before the Internet age, no boy would ever cop to masturbating. The idea that all boys masturbated had not caught on. Every guy out there literally thought they were the only one. They also figured that girls didn’t masturbate either. Oh how wrong we all were.

Just before graduation I met a girl much like Emily 18 above. She was late to the puberty game. She endured years of name calling because of her small tits. They called her Kansas, washboard, ribs, mosquito bites and more.

This girl got extremely excited when her little boobs began to grow in finally. She couldn’t wait to show them to somebody, and luckily for me, I was that somebody.

Both of her parents worked and they mistakenly trusted her to be a good girl. She lived in a neighborhood with single story homes. One day after school I headed over to her house to hopefully get to second base and she didn’t answer the door. I went around back and discovered she had an obsession with nudity.

She was in her backyard sitting by the pool with only her bikini bottoms on. Her young tits were glistening with oil in the sun. My cock got instantly hard. As I watched she slipped a hand into her panties and began to play with herself. I wondered what kind of book she was reading!

As she got more comfortable she untied the side knots on her bikini and let it fall so she could tease her pussy lips. I scooted over a bit and found a hole in her fence I could look through. Her side yard had fencing around the pool equipment so I to dropped my shorts and took off my shirt so I could feel the thrill of being completely naked like she was.

Even after watching her masturbate it still took me a while to come to grips with the idea of letting her see me do it in front of her. Eventually we’d do stuff like race to see who can make themselves cum faster.

We only fucked once so that I would have something to jerkoff about. After that initial screw we stuck to oral sex and giving each other, and ourselves, handjobs.

We also showed each other all of the ways we masturbated. Everything from my jelly donuts and banana peels, to her humping pillows and using the jets in the hot tub.

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Skye Model Sporting The Pokies

I figured I would just throw up a little shout out about Skye Model and her little pokies. During the Super Bowl the topic of girls with small tits came up and we all were in agreement that girls with perky small tits should definitely go without a bra. Otherwise they are just wasting their perkiness!

Here is to hoping the trend will grow when it comes to hot teen girls and their pokies!