Club Seventeen


In 1976 America was celebrating its bicentennial. While we were partying it up some guys in the UK were getting an idea in their head. “What if we created a magazine featuring hot teens aged seventeen years old?

In the UK hot teen girls only have to be 16 years old to appear topless in magazines. It was a huge hit! Unfortunately Americans could not get their hands on the magazine since in America girls had to be 18 years old to pose nude. Even if it was only topless.

Flash forward to 1996 and the invention of the Internet. The boys at Club Seventeen had another great idea. “How about we ditch the underage girls and stick to smoking hot barely legal girls and coed babes? was born. Now you can enjoy looking at Her Majesties hottest teen girls no matter what side of the pond you are on!

As a member you get over 10 years of archived internet content with two new updates every day. Add to that 20 years of archived offline content too!

Club Seventeen features exclusive models and appearances from your well known favorites. Thousands of models have posed for Club Seventeen. You can even chat with the models live!

When you have such a large selection of models you also have a large selection of your favorite types of models. Do you like Gingers with a gap and small tits? They have dozens of them! Do you like blonde bombshells? Hundreds! Brunettes with puffy nipples? Dozens! No matter what you like, they have somewhere between several and hundreds of them!

So don’t join another teen site without giving Club Seventeen a try!

Young Libertines


Back when I was in school there were plenty of hot teens around to fuck. Problem was, none of them wanted to do anything out of the ordinary. Shit, just getting a blowjob back then was something to write home about. Banging a hot teen in the ass? Ha! Good luck with that one, buddy!

Those years came and went. Unless I want to go spend a couple hundred a pop they aren’t coming back. or are they?

At Young Libertines you get to watch hot teens doing everything you ever dreamed of doing yourself. And if you get yourself a Fleshlight you can pretty much simulate everything you see on screen.

Put together, a membership to Young Libertines and a Fleshlight, are going to run you a hell of a lot less than getting hookers or call girls will. Plus, there are no worries about STD’s. Makes me fucking happy as fuck that the Internet exists in my lifetime!

Little April


Time for a hot teens solo model history lesson.

You have probably noticed there are a lot of barely legal girls on the Internet today that look like jailbait. Meaning, they look younger than 18 years old. Lately it seems like there are tons of young hotties lining up to get naked for a bunch of perverted old men!

What you may not know is that Little April was the first!

When she became a  solo model in 2004 there was a huge backlash because of her young appearance. Not only that, she liked to dress up in the same clothes she has been wearing since she was twelve years old!

This created quite a stir back then, but it is almost the standard mode of operation for most hot teens now. You can see all of Little April on her site. She has plenty of barely legal videos and pics, plus if you get the Tiny Teen Pass you can watch all of her solo model friends for one low price!