Lil Candy Is One Hot Teen!


Sure, her boobies are the biggest in the world. Sure, she isn’t polished like Sunny Leone or Abbey Brooks. But there can be no denying that Lil Candy is a hot teen. Sometimes the girl next door is just what the night calls for and on those nights Candy has you covered!

Lil Candy has been shooting porn for a few years now. She got her start at 18 years old when she was barely legal. Some guy was looking for hot teens to do modeling shoots and Candy answered the call. The rest is history!

You can find out all about her history at in pictures and in videos. Each one of her sexy point of view style videos is there. Watch her from her little nymph videos in the beginning to the nubile princess she has grown into. All 4′ 11" of her!

18 Years Old


These days girls are finding out about sex at a much earlier age. Maybe it is the Internet, maybe it is differences in parenting, but no matter what it is I fucking love it!

Girls like Michelle from 18 Years Old can’t wait to smoke a cock for their first time. They practice with bananas. They work shampoo bottles up their tight little cunnies in the bath. They want to impress guys with how much they know about sex. And again, I fucking love it!

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18 Years Old

Chloe Dash

I think it is safe to say that this hot teen is plenty satisfied with her "ice cream smoothie".

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Club Seventeen


In 1976 America was celebrating its bicentennial. While we were partying it up some guys in the UK were getting an idea in their head. “What if we created a magazine featuring hot teens aged seventeen years old?

In the UK hot teen girls only have to be 16 years old to appear topless in magazines. It was a huge hit! Unfortunately Americans could not get their hands on the magazine since in America girls had to be 18 years old to pose nude. Even if it was only topless.

Flash forward to 1996 and the invention of the Internet. The boys at Club Seventeen had another great idea. “How about we ditch the underage girls and stick to smoking hot barely legal girls and coed babes? was born. Now you can enjoy looking at Her Majesties hottest teen girls no matter what side of the pond you are on!

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Little April


Time for a hot teens solo model history lesson.

You have probably noticed there are a lot of barely legal girls on the Internet today that look like jailbait. Meaning, they look younger than 18 years old. Lately it seems like there are tons of young hotties lining up to get naked for a bunch of perverted old men!

What you may not know is that Little April was the first!

When she became a  solo model in 2004 there was a huge backlash because of her young appearance. Not only that, she liked to dress up in the same clothes she has been wearing since she was twelve years old!

This created quite a stir back then, but it is almost the standard mode of operation for most hot teens now. You can see all of Little April on her site. She has plenty of barely legal videos and pics, plus if you get the Tiny Teen Pass you can watch all of her solo model friends for one low price!

I Love GFs

ilovegfs Hot Teens Nude Shower

Don’t get me wrong. I like porn just as much as the next guy. The folks at Reality Kings have some great porn with sites like Pure 18 and the folks at Porn Pros also have some great teen porn with 18 years old. After a while this faux-reality stuff gets old. I get tired of seeing the same girls traded around all of the reality sites out there. In a nutshell, I want true reality!

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18 Years Old – Bella

When Bella finally graduated high school her boyfriend had plans to take her out for a bite to eat and maybe some alone time. Bella had a different idea of what she wanted to do now that she was barely legal and ready to fuck. Hot teens like Bella show up to the 18 Years Old offices and express their interest in doing something wild. Sometimes their boyfriends get to bang them, but if they can’t get it up and keep it up, the boys in the office have their way with them!

Bella was such a trooper. She was a bit shy at first. Eventually she warmed up to the idea of having a nice hard cock inside her. Even if she hadn’t met the doner before. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith her mother would always say. Somehow I don’t think this is the leap her mother was referring to!

18 Years Old has been finding and banging girls fresh out of high school for years. If you haven’t seen their brand of porn yet you are going to be in for a shocker. The Porn Pros have created sites like Freaks of Cock and 40 oz Bounce with entertainment in mind. After all, why just cum when you can cum laughing at some dumb bitch? Anyway, take the 18 Years Old tour and remember a time when wifey boo had pert tits.