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Anybody remember this well endowed babe? She started out as a child model and eventually switched into doing porn. Some would argue that her former site was a bit too racy to be considered a modeling site and not a porn site. That is all old news. Lets focus on the here and now.

I have seen teens porn that doesn’t come anywhere near as hot as the porn this girl can put out. Finding her touching herself and fondling her big breasts on a porn tube was the last thing I expected. But then I had no idea there were hot teens like this out there. That is until I found Porn HD.

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What can possibly be hotter than watching a hot teen have a private moment with herself in the bath tub?

It is actually kind of strange to refer to masturbation as a private moment since it isn’t really all that private. Very few people masturbate about themselves. They are usually having their private moment with somebody else in their mind making it not so private after all.

But enough philosophic babel. Lets focus on the matter. [ahem]. at hand!

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I happen to like her itty bitty titties. I enjoy her real looks. Sure, she ain’t no cover girl, but then I hate the girls on the cover. Seriously. It is very rare for me to pick up a Playboy and prefer the girl on the cover over the other girls throughout the magazine.

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Like most guys growing up I thought I was the only person at my school that masturbated. I figured chicks never did such a dirty thing and other guys had control over themselves.


As it turns out more of my fellow students were masturbating than were not and when it comes to guys, pretty much all of them including the teachers were jacking off on a daily basis.

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How these people don’t end up in jail is beyond me, but I am glad they have the balls to do what they do! Don’t you just love the first amendment?

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Hot teens do some pretty damn hot things. Sandra from La Zona Modelos is showing us that she can penetrate her vagina with her fingers from behind!

I had a girlfriend that used to masturbate like this when I was in college. I thought it was an odd way of masturbating and asked her why she chose to do it like this. She said it was because that is how I liked to fuck her, so she touched herself that way to pretend it was me.

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Boy I wish I could have found a larger picture, but this one will have to do. As is, it brings back many great memories of a girl I once knew.

She lived a couple doors down from me and our families were pretty close. Close enough that instead of knocking it was expected that I would just walk into the backyard on a Saturday and join who ever was in the pool.

On one fateful day the side gate was already ajar so I quietly pushed it open and stepped in. To my surprise my friend was in the pool riding a pool toy. and when I say riding, I mean riding!

I stepped back behind the fence and looked through a punched out knot hole. She grinded her pussy into that pool toy like she had a bad itch and the whale was the only thing that could scratch it. I am talking grinding!

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No doubt many of the hot teens around the world have masturbated in the tub before. Probably even that fat slug Oprah has masturbated in a tub before. This means she cannot bitch about like she does with Playboy on account of these barely legal girls actually do the things portrayed on Nubiles!

If you have been a member of Nubiles before you probably know they started the site as a softcore site featuring mostly barely legal hot teens. What you probably don’t know is that they have branched out. A lot!


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