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Don’t get me wrong. I like porn just as much as the next guy. The folks at Reality Kings have some great porn with sites like Pure 18 and the folks at Porn Pros also have some great teen porn with 18 years old. After a while this faux-reality stuff gets old. I get tired of seeing the same girls traded around all of the reality sites out there. In a nutshell, I want true reality!

That is when I head on over to I Love Gfs. They have hot teens and it is all about as real as it gets. Real girls send in their real homemade porn. It doesn’t get anymore real than that!

Whether it is hacked MySpace accounts, Facebook accounts, Photobucket accounts or stuff the girls or their ex-boyfriends send in, everything is 100% real amateur porn. Loaded with fresh hot teens like the girl in the shower above.

As a member you also get solo model Busty Josie and access to their Point Of View porn site, plus more! Personally, the thousands of hot teen girls were enough to get me to join!

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One of my favorite hot teens goes by the name Andi Pink. She has been modeling on her site for a couple of years. Originally she started out very softcore. Now she is beginning to get a little more gritty!

In the videos above and below Andi Pink masturbates her virgin pussy. Well, OK. Maybe her pussy isn’t technically virgin, but it does look the part.


When you join AndiPink.com you are joining the Pancho Dog network. In all you get access to a total of thirty sites. Most of them are solo models like Ariel Rebel and others are multi-model sites.

Foot fetish lovers will enjoy this network, as will panty lovers. Many of the photosets feature multiple niches. You can find out more about the network and this virgin pussy girl at Andi Pink!

Nubiles – Lexi Angel – Masturbation


No doubt many of the hot teens around the world have masturbated in the tub before. Probably even that fat slug Oprah has masturbated in a tub before. This means she cannot bitch about Nubiles.net like she does with Playboy on account of these barely legal girls actually do the things portrayed on Nubiles!

If you have been a member of Nubiles before you probably know they started the site as a softcore site featuring mostly barely legal hot teens. What you probably don’t know is that they have branched out. A lot!


Now, before Oprah comes in here and tells me this hasn’t been done before let me just say it now, I have had sex with my sleeping girlfriend before. She often wakes me up with a blowjob. So shut the fuck up you fat slug!

OK. So I said that Nubiles has branched out. Here you have Lexi Angel getting some sleep sex. She eventually rubs her pussy because she loves the taste of this guys cock so much and then gets her tight pussy plowed through.

You get at least one new hardcore model a week and three new models a week total. The others do softcore. By that I mean they masturbate and have lesbian sex. With these Nubiles girls the panty pics and masturbation videos are to die for!

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Fucked Hard 18


One of the first times I ever had sex with a girl started with me giving her a massage with baby oil. Originally I was just supposed to rub it into her exposed skin not covered by her bikini. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew, I was getting laid for the first time in my life.

Fucked Hard 18 is a great place for me to relive those memories and make up some fantasies along the way. The idea behind the site is this guy invites hot 18 year olds over for a massage. He doesn’t tell them he is going to use a pheromone oil. Not long after working the kinks out of their muscles they are rubbing the kinks out of his cock.

With Ally Kay he nonchalantly drops his hard cock into her unsuspecting cooch without skipping a beat on her butt massage. Before she knows what hit her she is ramming that ass to the hilt on his pecker. Turns out that oil makes these bitches super horny.

I didn’t have an oil such as that when I was a teen, but you had better believe I dreamed of having it every time I oiled a girl up and didn’t have sex. After that first time you could say I almost expected it.

If you like watching hot teens getting lathered in oil and enjoy seeing soft glistening skin, Fucked Hard 18 is definitely for you. The facials, hard fucking and cock craving babes are also all worthy of joining in their own right.