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My how teenagers have changed since my day. Back then girls did not get tattoos. Well, maybe they got a tattoo of a pretty little cherub or a unicorn on their butt where their full sized bikini bottom would cover it, but they didn’t get a full sleeve tattoo on their arms or pierce their nipples like they do now!

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Summer is over and Winter will be here before you know it. So it is time to rack up a stable of hot teen porn sites with little cuties you can cuddle up with and stay toasty warm. One new site is Hailey Leigh. Though fresh, she is not a new face. She used to model before. This is her coming into her own.

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OK, so this isn’t Kari Byron. Her name is Suicide Scarlett and she is probably as close as we will ever get to seeing Kari Byron naked.

Who is Kari Byron? Well, if you don’t know the answer to that one you must be living under a rock! She is the carrot top hottie from the Mythbusters TV show. Like most redheads she is quirky and cute. She exudes infatuated aggression. You know, where a girl wants to hit you all the time and act like she doesn’t like you, but in reality, she wants to jump your bones!

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What is it about goth chicks that drive men to them like moths to a porch light? Liz Vicious has a body like any other of the hot teens, but with her style of makeup and clothing she looks like she could kill you just as soon as fuck you. Personally I half expect some kind of black widow shit from her. Like after she fucks me, she kills me.

I was just watching a show called Mad Men and it reminded me of Liz Vicious during a scene. I am new to the show and only into the second episode of the first season, so don’t tell me anything that would ruin it for me. For those not familiar with the show it follows an Ad companies creative director named Don Draper. He is trying to keep the Lucky Strikes cigarette account and has to pitch them an idea. During some statistical research it turns out that humans enjoy putting themselves in harms way. That we will smoke even though we know cigarettes can kill us, we smoke them because we enjoy the danger in it. For many of us cigarette smoking is as close to real danger as we are going to get.

Liz Vicious has that same appeal. We flock to her because we half expect her to do us harm or get us into some kind of trouble. She is a walk on the wild side.

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Nothing says hot teens like sandy blonde hair, a retainer, a bikini, a hot tub, the ever present nipple slip and some piercings thrown in to let you know you are indeed getting laid on your first date.

Did somebody say nipple slip? Boy oh boy, if I had a nickel for every nipple I’ve seen when a girl loses her bikini top jumping into a body of water I’d have an awful lot of pickles.

Kayla Banks finally turned 18 and she is itching to show herself to the world. Growing up Kayla was that flashy girl that couldn’t keep her legs closed when wearing a skirt. In the pool her nipples slipped so often you’d think her bathing suit was Teflon coated!

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Jayda dresses up in some pretty slutty outfits. She also does the usual secretary, maid stuff too. Seeing her full figure totally reminds me of my ex-wife. Back when I met her. Before the kids. Back when her skin was tan and tight. Her ass had some chunk but it didn’t jiggle like it does now.

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