Rakhees World


So you like the exotic aspects of Indian girls but you don’t like the traditional Indian girl look. If Asha Kumara doesn’t float your boat I have someone that will.  Rakhee from one of the first Indian sites on the Internet RakheesWorld.com.

Online since 2005 Rakhee’s World is getting better and better as time goes on. Originally this shy Indian teen was all about the non-nude photos but she has since progressed into going topless. Will she eventually show us her entire body? Grab a pass and find out!

Along with sporting a hot Indian teen this site sports some pretty killer photography. Click the gallery above and you will see what I am talking about. How many galleries have you seen where the photos are dark, colors are muted and they are out of focus? Having worked in this industry for a couple of years I can tell you that Rakhees World is the exception!

Everything about her site says quality is job one. From the design to the photos to the Indian girl it showcases.

Members get access to years of photo sets and behind the scenes videos of her modeling shoots. You get to read her diary and talk to Rakhee on her message board.

Grab a RakheesWorld.com pass now, she isn’t going to be a teen forever!

Herself Pics – Hot Chicks


Often in nature hot teens and brains don’t come together. Except for Donald Trump’s daughter, I don’t know of any other hot chicks with a brain.

Hey, I am not saying this is a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong! I love it when hot teens share a bottle of wine and decide to fool around. It makes me very happy when they decide to photograph the encounter too! Even better – when they video tape it!

Herself Pics is a growing collection of such photos and videos. Hot girls like Sandra upload their photos to HerselfPics.com and each week the guys post the best specimens for all the world to see.

The girls are amateurs and that is reason #1 to join. Being amateurs they look like the girl next door. They often go overboard in their desire to get picked for the next update so I guess you can say anything goes.

Sometimes that anything could just be pictures in front of a bathroom mirror – naked! And other times that could mean video of a girl masturbating, having lesbian sex with her girlfriend or fucking her boyfriend. A personal fav of mine is the girls that do pornstar style blowjobs. You know… the ones where they just about gag themselves they are going so hard.

Any fan of candid pics is going to love this site. Any fan of the truly perverted is going to want to marry this site. Where else can you find hot teens sticking crazier and crazier items up their snatches to get noticed?

Brokeback Asians

Asian Lesbians

OK… It isn’t what it sounds like. Hell, it isn’t even what it looks like! Brokeback Asians is not about gay guys or even guys taking advantage of young girls. It is smoking hot Asian lesbians having their way with one another.

When I say the girls are smoking hot I do mean smoke’in!

BrokebackAsians.com is busting at the seams with full length Asian lesbian DVDs. We are talking about two hours here. Gigabytes long. When I say full length I mean full length. But unlike most DVD sites this isn’t pay per view. No annoying digital rights management. Unlimited downloads and a low monthly fee. Plus you also get access to their other sites. Call it an Asian Movie Pass because that is just what it is.

While in the members area I spotted a very popular video, The Erotic Deep Kiss School Girl. This video is pretty much the Debbie Does Dallas of Asian schoolgirl porn. And, you can download it! Burn it, save it, transfer it to your IPOD. Whatever you want to do. Enjoy it however you like. 1600+ Asian DVDs in high rez. 30 new DVDs a month. Plus those bonus sites have 1200+ Asian Bukkake DVDs too!

Try the Brokeback Asians now!

Alexa Dawn

Hot Teens

I am going to start out by pointing some hot shit out. First, if you don’t find that hot teen above here hot, you are totally gay. Next, hot teens get even hotter when you add oil to the mix. And finally, chicks with two first names, like Alexa Dawn, covered in oil make for great sex partners. Now I am sure you probably knew all of this, but I didn’t want to assume anything.

While AlexaDawn.com is brand new to the web, she is no virgin when it comes to kinky sex. Her favorite form of kinky sex is sex with other girls! Being from a small town with noisy parents and siblings around she had to keep all of her sexual fantasies all bottled up inside. Now that she is eighteen and barely legal it is time for this hot teen to let it all out!

Alexa Dawn has the perfect girl next door body. She is the hottie you see at the water park or in a short mini skirt at the club. Not the bitchy blonde but the fun brunette. Alexa has a curvy body with a shapely ass. While not huge, her tits are firm and can fill a hand or two. Alexa has dark piercing eyes and a cute little button nose. Her pierced tongue and sensual lips must do wonders when it comes to blowing a guys cock!

But… Like I said… AlexaDawn.com is about Alexa exploring her bisexual side. No problem for me, I like watching two teen girls kissing and fondling each others hot teen bodies. I once had a girlfriend that would invite her friends over to “put on a show,” for me. The only rule was that I couldn’t touch. But hey, no one said I couldn’t video tape them! Which reminds me… I gotta convert them to digital before that VHS tape disintegrates!

You get weekly updates as a member of Alexa Dawn and all of this girl’s girlfriends are hotties like Alexa. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them opening their own sites at some point! See you on the inside.

Joon Mali – Hitchhiking Video

Joon Mali videos

That wonderfully smooth beaver mound belongs to the Asian sensation Joon Mali. In the video gallery Joon resorts to some pretty tough measures to get cars to stop so she can hitch a ride. I personally stop for Asian teens with cute faces and tight bodies sporting a camel toe, but I guess where ever this video was shot at it isn’t the case?

Joon is a perfect barely legal teen. She has a nice tight body and stands 5′ 2″ tall. At 101 pounds her body is rock solid. All except for her ass! It isn’t flabby, don’t get me wrong. It is a perfect bubble butt. Imagine that! An Asian with a bubble butt! Joon has small tits and smooth skin. Thai teens just don’t come any cuter than Joon Mali!

On her site you get plenty of perks when you join. For one, you get the photo and videos updates. Both happen on a weekly basis and both correspond to the same shoot. So if the video doesn’t get as close to her barely legal pussy and you would like I can sure you can find a photo or two that more than fill the void for you. Second, members get Joon’s personal Email address. She is still a little quirky on her English but that is actually one of the biggest pluses. Who doesn’t love an exotic girl with an accent? And finally, you get access to all of the JoonMali.com bonuses. These include wallpapers, screen savers, games featuring Joon and more.

Joon Mali likes to keep a diary too. We aren’t talking about simple entries either. We are talking about in depth personal stuff going on in her life and candid photos to back it all up.

Unlike most Asian girls Joon is comfortable with her sexuality. She doesn’t mind posing naked or masturbating in her videos. In fact, she loves knowing that guys are out there enjoying her as much as she is enjoying herself. On occasion she has been known to invite a girlfriend to a shoot. Watching two Asian teens kiss is highly erotic! Mind blowing, cum load blowing fun!

The videos come in .wmv, .mov and .rm formats. They also have the IPOD format so you can download them and watch them on the go!