Little Summer – Friends Kissing

Little Summer Kiss

Ohh fuck yeah! I can sense the crowd coming over and chanting “Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!”

Watching two blonde teens kiss is the ultimate in my book. Well, I actually don’t care what color their hair is as long as they are sharing a kiss!

The blonde on the left is Little Summer and she is the subject of my post tonight. Sure the blonde on the right (Kimmy) is hot too, but she doesn’t have her own website. In fact, to my knowledge joining is the only way to see her since she doesn’t seem to appear anywhere else at the moment. Perhaps she is one of Summer’s personal friends! How cool would that be?

Summer has some of the cutest little tits and chubby cheeks to go with them. When her smile shows off her braces she takes the term barely legal to a whole new level. Little Summer’s body is a knock out. As in looking at it causes you to knock out a load or two imagining her tight teen pussy wrapped around your cock. I bet you’d have her screaming your name in no time!

Everything on Little Summer is shot in hi-def. The samples in the gallery above certainly don’t do this site justice. Updates come in twice a week and include solo masturbation, posing naked in public (tight shorts, pink ruffled top, park slide, you get the picture) and teen girls kissing. The lesbian episodes are just as hot as her girly ones are. In addition to the ever cute Kimmy she sexes with “>Chloe18, Teen Topanga and more!

Finally, a place you can check out a blonde teenager just being herself and not feel like a creep. Hell, she is even asking you too!

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Tiffany Paris Bathing Suit

Tiffany Paris

Certain chicks do it for me for various reasons. Tiffany Paris does it for me because she reminds me of someone in my past. Back when I was a snot noised kid, young dumb and full of cum, I had a neighbor from across the street. She used to like sun bathing and I used to like watching her do it.

The way our houses were situated I could see into her backyard from the upstairs loft. When mom went to work during the day in the summer, I went to work whacking my pud to my neighbor. She was a few years older than I was and completely out of my league, but that is what fantasies are for. The what-ifs!

On some rare occasions my own personal Tiffany Paris would be sun bathing topless. Just like Tiffany she had some perfect pert B-Cup boobies with sexy little nipples. I would dream of sucking on those nipples for hours on end. Back then I didn’t know about lube… I still have the battle scars to this day.

Tiffany is a bit older looking than most of the models I post about, but now you know why I posted about her. She is that older girl. The one you always wished would show you how to have sex. The one you dreamed about when you caught a glance of her darker labia skin peaking out from her bikini bottoms. Not enough of a glance to actually see her pussy, but enough to leave you masturbating 3 times in a row!

At you can catch Tiffany masturbating and having some girl on girl fun with her friends. She does lots of sets both inside and outside. The park sets are amazing and so is watching her masturbate on a public beach! As an added bonus you also get access to 8 more websites. It seems everyone is partnering up now-a-days which is great for us porno maniacs! You now get 8 times the porn you used to get for the same amount of money!

Little Lupe Barely Legal Latina

Little Lupe

Speaking of hot teens. Little Lupe isn’t only hot, she completely redefines the term barely legal!

Lupe is from Spain where she is a big time porn star. She pretty much dominates the barely legal teen niche there and is creating quite a stir around the world.

At you can check out her teaser video and most recent updates. She does both softcore and hardcore and even does girl-girl videos. She also has many masturbation videos for you to enjoy.

If you are the type that likes em looking young but 100% legal, Little Lupe is the girl for you. She has small tits, a tight bum and a youthful face. A Little Lupe password costs $29.95 a month and for an extra $10 you can get access to more teen sites she is affiliated with. Think of it as an all barely legal pass!

Shane’s World Autumn Haze

Autumn Blowjob

Ahh, Sweety, you missed a spot.

That cutie with cum drooling off of her lower lip is Autumn Haze from Shane’s World. You have probably heard of her before. In 2003 she won a double “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” at the AVN awards. Judging from the picture above Autumn obviously isn’t affraid of doing the things your girlfriend wouldn’t be caught dead doing. But this post isn’t just about Autumn…

No, this post is about Back in 1996 Seymore Butts girlfriend, porn actress Shane started her own company Shane’s World Productions. While her ex shot anal porn in a gonzo style, Shane liked to party. She preferred a real world meets gonzo style that centered around college parties.

Eventually the Internet took over as the porn medium of choice for most men and was born. With over 10 years of content under her belt, Shane has built the website into a temple of porn. Weekly episodes range from unknown amateurs to well known pornstars.

No matter what the underlying plot is for an episode one thing is for sure, the girls are hot and the energy is high. Like I said earlier, Shane’s World is all about partying! At everyday is springbreak!

At Shane’s World an often recurring theme is surprising a college party with a pornstar who is ready to fuck and suck the entire basketball team! Talk about kids in a candy store… the look on the guys faces is priceless. Tagging a pornstar you have been masturbating to since Select TV was in business? You can’t put a price on that!

Updates come in 2 to 3 days a week and the archives are so immense I am sure it would be impossible to watch them all in a year. There is that much porn here! All of it is categorized so you can find what you are looking for. At $24.95 the price is out of this world. For those of you looking for a good deal, how does $9.95 for 5 days sound? I am sure you can find a lot of shit to download in those 5 days!

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Casey Parker Surfer Gurl

Casey Blowjob
If Baywatch taught us anything it is that guys like hot chicks and that they like them to be wearing skimpy bikinis. Now imagine those same hotties wearing nothing and having hardcore sex on camera! Now you have!

Casey Parker is a mind blowingly hot blonde surfer girl from California. She has a naturally hot body with great muscle tone and tan skin. Casey loves to surf, skate and do pretty much any extreme sport as long as the day ends with a night of extreme sex.

This sweet, smoking hot, blonde babe has an equally naughty side. There isn’t a day that goes by where she isn’t fucking or sucking someones hard cock. She is also bisexual too, so she goes both ways. Which means you don’t get just one blonde hottie with your password, you get several!

Casey updates her website frequently and the video quality is amazing. Of course the photos are great too. After all, it is pretty hard to fuck up when you are taking pictures of a girl this hot! You have to check out her tour to get a sense of what her videos have to offer. She is not your typical hottie, she is fun and vivacious. She is guaranteed to make you feel younger!

Unrestricted access costs $28.96 a month and that means unlimited downloads of those frequent updates. No restrictions, no bullshit to get in the way of your enjoyment. Plus Casey Parker is now doing live video chat sessions! Tell me that doesn’t peak your interest.

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