Time to get really fucking excited! As you already know,I am always in search of hot teens to add to my blog. Today I found one that I think you are going to like.

Her name is Abelinda. She has a petite frame and small tits like most of the models I review. With her girl next door looks she can play the part of the naughty schoolgirl, a kinky play date or what ever you want her to be.

So how do you tell her what you want? That part is easy. This hot teen has Live Cam Shows and a private forum where you can chat with her. She is really open to suggestions, as all hot teens should be!

Videos? All shot in 1280×720 at 7000kbps. That is basically what your DVD player is sending to your wide screen in the living room. Imagine that level of definition mixed with her tender pussy lips on your computer monitor!

Wondering what this kinky little bitch is doing right now? Check out Abelinda on Twitter. Wondering what Abelinda is doing day to day? Check out the Abelinda blog.

Wondering what her friends are doing? Join Abelinda and you get access to all of her friends. And you can talk to them too. This girl and her network are taking porn into the Web 2.0 era!

Stella Heart


I know what you are thinking. Who would take a straight job when they have a body like this? Men line up in droves to be a sugar daddy for a girl with such a petite figure. I would be willing to bet Stella Heart is often mistaken for jailbait!

Hot teens come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t find many girls with a body like Stella’s though. Hers is something to behold.

OK, enough beholding. I have to try and break my eyes away from this girl long enough to write a review of her small tits. I mean site.

Stella Heart is your average teenage girl. She graduated high school and is looking for a way to afford college. Unlike most high school graduates Stella weighs only 90lbs and stands only 5 foot 3 inches tall. She was born with a condition that keeps her looking young. Tell your wife not to hate her just because she is beautiful. She will know what I am talking about. though she might not understand your fascination with this girl!

As a member of Stella Heart you get tons of picture sets and a good amount of videos. Just about my only complaint about the site is that the photographer needs to learn how to light his subjects better.

But isn’t that the way the world works? You get a girl, that from a distance, looks like jailbait and all you can think about is the lighting?


Dawson Miller – Schoolgirl


Dawson Miller, you sexy little schoolgirl slut, you! This girl is 100% pure jackoff material. From the time you were spying on your babysitter to the time you enter your grave. You’d give your left arm just to see her naked.

You don’t have too go to those lengths to see her naked though. For starters, you can just click the picture above and see her free schoolgirl gallery. Next, you can get yourself a Dawson Miller pass so you can drop in on her when ever you like.

Dawson is adding new content to her site several days a week and in the mean time you can keep yourself busy in her members only forum or by reading her personal diary.

If only all of the “hot teens” out there looked as good as Dawson Miller!

Amateur Upskirts


I have had my fare share of hot teens in my time. I also have a pretty good memory. But why rely on memory alone when Amateur Upskirts is willing to help you remember those early encounters like they were yesterday?

Girls like Stacy model panties in a point of view experience that is unmatched by any other site. You get to watch as Stacy grinds her hips and her sweet pussy literally sucks her panties into its lips. She even takes them off in the end so you can see if your special ability to make out the folds of a pussy through a tight, clingy pair of panties is still in tip top shape!

Amateur Upskirts updates twice a week. The girls wear everything from Micro-kinis to satin briefs. Many of the girls rub themselves through those panties and you can see their wetness as it soaks through.

Everything is shot in high resolution and with the point of view technique you truly feel like each and every girl is gyrating her hips just for your enjoyment!

Most of the girls do several videos and several picture galleries.  One special girl named Michelle Lynn became so popular they opened a separate site just for her and you get access to it for free with your Amateur Upskirts membership!