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Stretch Your Cock With Topanga


I love hot teens and they don’t come any hotter than Teen Topanga. She is a brace faced cutie with pigtails and a booty that is quite fleshy for a teenager. As I watch her doing her stretches all I can think about is a softie footjob from those fluffy-sock covered feet of hers.

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The teen sex videos have the girls depicting stuff they usually do when there are no boys around. Sometimes they get together for a pool party that turns into some lesbian play. Other times they have a sleepover and talk about boys until they can’t take it anymore and frig each other to orgasm.

Many of the models also do hardcore. Little Lupe is probably the best known model in their hardcore side of things. She fucks older men and young guys too. She is even bisexual so you get to see her having sex with everybody!

None of them can hold a candle to though. For me she is the ultimate barely legal teen. I love her button nose, her braces, her perky little tits and her tight little pussy. Plus her ass looks divine in a pair of clingy cotton panties.

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Chloe 18 Shows Off Her Hot Teen Body


Hot teens should be just that – hot! I would have to say that Chloe 18 is plenty hot. I love her tan lines and her smooth skin. She has hot teen boobs and a little booty with just enough fat on it to receive a spanking, but not too much so that it looks frumpy.

All of that is good and well, but the real gage of how hot a girl is overall rests with what her pussy looks like. Here Chloe has no problem taking the cake as well. Her pussy is so darned cute with her puffy outer lips and almost no inner lips that you want to check her ID before sticking your fat cock inside her. has dozens of videos of Chloe masturbating and having sex with her female friends. I like the galleries of her and Teen Topanga. These two girls were made for each other. With me in the middle of course!

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Hot Teens and Tan Lines


Of all of the things I miss most about these days it is teens with tan lines. Girls get fake tans now a days so none of them have that Coppertone look guys my age grew up with.

Chloe 18 is keeping it real with her tan lines. Tan lines are great because they help define when you have crossed the boundary into what a girl’s father considers no-mans-land. Without them sex feels cheap. Like getting from second base to third didn’t really amount to anything. The terrain never changed.

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Do Girls Dream of Banging Twins Too?


So. I was wondering. Do you think girls dream of banging twin lesbians just as much as guy dream of banging a set of twins? If the twins are the Texas Twins the answer is yes!

These dyke twins found that girls can make each other feel super good when there are no guys around. They temp their friends, especially the girls, and then see who takes the bait. Even girls that had no pervious notion of being a lesbian find themselves masturbating and dreaming of eating these two out!

Then it hits them. They can get eaten out by one while they are tongue lashing the other one’s pussy. at the same time! That is when their teenage pussy really starts getting wet!

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Little April – The O.G. Schoolgirl


OK, guys, time for a little history lesson. Back in the day there wasn’t much porn featuring real hot teens to speak of. Sure, there were videos and DVD’s out there called things like, “Teen Goes Back to School,” but the reality of it was that the girls in the video were 25 years old and looked 30 – do to all of the cocaine they were snorting during the shoot.

Someone had to change things and that someone was none other than Little April. She caught a lot of flack when she opened her site because everyone thought she was portraying too young of a teenager.

Too young? Bitch, pleeeaaaasseee. Sure there are slutty girls on the cheerleading squad graduating and looking like they are old enough to drink legally, but let’s get real here. The majority of girls graduating high school look like Little April!

Since then things have gotten a bit out of hand.. sure! But don’t blame that on Little April. She didn’t do shoots like Little Lupe, Little Summer and Teen Topanga. Ultra young looking porn!

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Little Liana


When Little Liana asked her parents if she could have her friend stay over they didn’t even hesitate to say yes. After all, they were going away for the weekend and their poor little girl was going to be all alone!

Yeah. right!

What her parents didn’t know is that their little girl wasn’t so little after all. In fact, she single handedly stole the virginity of just about every boy and girl on her block!

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Little April


Time for a hot teens solo model history lesson.

You have probably noticed there are a lot of barely legal girls on the Internet today that look like jailbait. Meaning, they look younger than 18 years old. Lately it seems like there are tons of young hotties lining up to get naked for a bunch of perverted old men!

What you may not know is that Little April was the first!

When she became a  solo model in 2004 there was a huge backlash because of her young appearance. Not only that, she liked to dress up in the same clothes she has been wearing since she was twelve years old!

This created quite a stir back then, but it is almost the standard mode of operation for most hot teens now. You can see all of Little April on her site. She has plenty of barely legal videos and pics, plus if you get the Tiny Teen Pass you can watch all of her solo model friends for one low price!