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You enjoy looking at innocent looking hot teens. The hot teens enjoy posing for older men and reading your comments of adoration. It is like a match made in heaven!

With an 8Teenies Pass you can access eight teen sites featuring both softcore and hardcore teen videos. Each video comes with a photo set you can download as a ZIP. With a network of sites at your finger tips you get daily updates!

There are hundreds of models and most do several videos and photo sets.  Most of the models have small tits with a nubile look, but with hundreds to choose from, dozens have tits big enough to smother you with!

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Pure 18 – Hot Teens

Photo of Teagan Summers in Pure 18 video All Naughty Pt Two

Hot teens. It’s why you go to prep school!

Sure, the majority of the girls are off limits because of age restrictions, but once they turn 18 they are ready for the taking! At Pure 18 all of the girls are barely legal and eager to learn!

With your password you get access to the rest of the Reality Kings network and they have a site for every milestone in that girls development!

Take Mikes Apartment for example. Once that little girl enters college she is going to need a place to stay. On a college budget there isn’t enough money for rent and beer so Mike, being the swell guy that he is, barters sex for rent money!

Before committing to college she is going to want to backpack around Europe and along the way she is going to meet lots of other teenagers doing the same. That is when Euro Sex Parties comes into play. What better way for a girl to learn dozens of sexual positions then during a group sex romp?

Back home it is time for college and the Dare Dorm is ready to pay her $10K for a usable video to help offset those student loans. Not mention Money Talks is willing to kick down some beer money for silly sexual stunts!

At Captain Stabbin she can buddy up with older guys willing to teach her the art of anal sex. on a boat! After the holidays 40 Inch Plus is going to tap her growing booty and help her work off the holiday flab.

Things don’t stop after college either. Depending on whether she was a good girl or not she will either head on over to Big Tits Boss for a career or Street Blowjobs for a career of sorts. And after she pops out of a couple of bambinos she can head on over to the MILF Hunter for a banging she’ll never forget!

So there you have it. The Reality Kings have hot teens on tap and they don’t leave the girls hanging once they graduate. Do yourself and the world a favor by supporting these little ladies in their times of need!

Suicide Scarlett or Kari Byron?


OK, so this isn’t Kari Byron. Her name is Suicide Scarlett and she is probably as close as we will ever get to seeing Kari Byron naked.

Who is Kari Byron? Well, if you don’t know the answer to that one you must be living under a rock! She is the carrot top hottie from the Mythbusters TV show. Like most redheads she is quirky and cute. She exudes infatuated aggression. You know, where a girl wants to hit you all the time and act like she doesn’t like you, but in reality, she wants to jump your bones!

Suicide Scarlett is a bit of the same. I don’t normally enjoy girls that have tattoos, but then you have to give a little to get a lot. Her small tits are capped with pierced nipples and her pierced clit completes the set.

Scarlett has a nice collection of videos and photo sets in her members area. She is the type of girl you date because bad things happen.

Along with your Suicide Scarlett membership you get access to an entire network called the VIP Members network. Inside there are plenty of hot teens for you to enjoy and plenty of strange sites for your entertainment!