Self Shot Teen Hottie

Oh how I wish cell phones and digital cameras existed back when I was in high school. Back then VHS video cameras were the size of the monitor you are probably looking at this picture on. When we wanted instant photos we had to use Polaroid film that cost the equivalent of about $35 these days. Not exactly fitting inside a teenagers budget!

Now with cell phones and digital cameras the possibilities are endless. Hot teens are getting drunk all of the time and sexting pics of themselves to just about anybody willing to pay them some attention.


Boy, what a cute little number this girl is. Blue eyes. Great boobs. A body that is packed full of pleasure!

Anyway. Where was I?

GND Gfs is receiving submissions on a daily basis from girls looking to get their 15 minutes of fame. Of course many of these pictures were meant to see the light of day, but who can blame their boyfriends for kissing and telling when their girlfriends are this fucking hot?

Hot Teen Natasha Belle


Oh Natasha. How I’d love to stick my nose right up your ass crack!

I don’t normally stick my nose up a girls as crack, but when she a hot teen with an ass that looks like two halves of a volleyball I tend to make an exception!

There are many solo models out there, but my heart and my cock are both telling me Natasha Belle is the one for me. I particularly enjoy her small tits and her blue eyes. But that ass! It keeps calling me!!!

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