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I don’t have hot teens like these hanging all over me on a regular basis and I am figuring you don’t either. That is why somebody out there created Teenie Friends. So the rest of us could feel like champs even when we are between girlfriends.

The site updates with new videos and pictures weekly and is part of a large network of sites. In all you get well over 8,000 adult DVD’s worth of videos. The stuff for this site is all 100% amateur and then the bonus sites have a mixture of high production quality porn and more amateur homemade stuff.

It is highly likely you will see girls you know since they have a huge cache of candid photos stolen from hacked Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts and Instagram. Girls never learn when it comes to storing their nude pics online and sites like do a good job of reminding them just how dumb they are for doing it.

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What would life be like without slutty teenage girls? If I had a nickel for every party I ever attended in high school and college where bisexual girls made the evening for everybody I’d be a millionaire by now.

Hot teens are made hotter when they drink alcohol. Some kind of hormonal change occurs inside them and they all of a sudden forget everything their mother taught them about modesty. Of course that assumes their mother taught them anything about modesty in the first place.

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I always enjoy watching hot teens kissing. Natasha Shy and her blonde friend had just gotten home from school when they dropped the act and spent ten minutes lip locking with each other. At school they are just friends, but at home they are much more than that.

Natasha found her mom and dads sex play toys and on this day she decided to share them with her friend. Both girls were relatively inexperienced with boys and used the magazines Natasha’s parents had to get some clues on how to have sex properly.

While the girls definitely enjoyed having sex with each other they also wanted to learn how to have sex with boys. Ultimately both wanted to get married and their lesbian ways were just a stop over before landing normal relationships.


The girls tried everything from pretending to give each other head to jacking off each other while one pretended to be a boy. Soon they were curious about how a cock would feel inside their pussies!


After they both gave each other an orgasm they really began to explore each other. Natasha Shy stuck the dildo into her friends ass and played with her clit for another orgasm. The blonde girl was amazed at how strong her orgasm was with something in her butt.

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So. I was wondering. Do you think girls dream of banging twin lesbians just as much as guy dream of banging a set of twins? If the twins are the Texas Twins the answer is yes!

These dyke twins found that girls can make each other feel super good when there are no guys around. They temp their friends, especially the girls, and then see who takes the bait. Even girls that had no pervious notion of being a lesbian find themselves masturbating and dreaming of eating these two out!

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I Know That Girl


Sites like I Know That Girl are created to remind us all, our daughters don’t need their very own cameras and cell phone cameras are a bad idea. And, above all, they also don’t need a stand alone video camera. ever!

I Know That Girl is a new site in the Mofos network. Along with Real Slut Party, this site features hot teens and coeds getting drunk, horny and sexy as all hell!

When it comes to hot teens there is nothing hotter than two chicks kissing and sharing your cock. You know what they say, share and share alike. After all, the first rule of I Know That Girl is to share your ex-girlfriends videos!

Slutty GF


Oh, to be a freshman in college again. These two chicks kissing are from Slutty GF. This site is jam-packed and loaded with hot teens!

The amount of real candid photo sites popping up around the Internet is staggering. This one delivers with its daily updates of both pics and videos.

There are literally thousands of girls on this site and every single day more are added. You get candid pics from girls with too much time on their hands and some pretty hardcore candid pics from guys wanting to fuck over their ex-girlfriends by making some very revealing videos and pics public.

A lot of the pics in the members area are in sets so you might get some self shots of two barely legal teens getting naked in the bathroom, then kissing and fondling. Or, you might get several shots of the same hottie in a teeny bikini at the beach. Or, watch an amateur couple that likes to send in regular updates of their sex-capades!

One thing is for sure, you will be blow away with the amount of amateur and candid content this guy is amassing!