What Finding Sex Online Echoes About Your Mindset

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You have to remember that your life is an echo of what you’re thinking. I know that this is probably not the kind of thing that you want to read. You’re probably reading this sex blog so you can find sex online. You might be asking, “What the fuck does self-realization and self-image have to do with finding sex online?” Well, I’m telling you right now, the answer is: everything.

You see, whatever success you achieve outside of yourself is a reflection of what is going on in between your ears. Put simply, if you believe in the right things, the right things will happen. Why? When you think the right way and you assume the right things and you expect the right things, you will do the right things.

You see, the world doesn’t give a damn about what you’re thinking, about what your intentions are, or what your motivations are. It could care less. The road to hell, after all, is paved with bad intentions. Intentions are a dime a dozen. Intentions are often flushed down the toilet because, like assholes, everybody has an intention. That’s how cheap intentions are.

The world cares about what you do. The world cares about your actions. In short, the world cares about results. If you have been having a tough time finding sex online, it’s maybe because of the fact that you’re focusing on the wrong things.

Most guys are sexual pigs. I know that sounds rough. I know that sounds rude. But it’s the absolute truth. By pigs I’m talking about selfish creatures. Look at how many guys cannot stop thinking about hot teens! We think that most females are simply created for our pleasure. With that kind of thinking there’s really not much difference between jerking yourself off with your palm and sticking your penis in a woman. It’s as if the woman isn’t there. It’s as if you’re just pleasing yourself. Do you see how selfish that is?

Sex is all about a two way interaction. You’re communicating not just with your words, you’re communicating also with your body, and most importantly, your presence. You create chemistry together. You create a tremendous amount of biochemical electricity together. Don’t let that go to waste. By having the right mindset, you let women know that you are looking for a real sex partner.

Now I’m not talking about getting all emotionally engaged. I’m not talking about emotional strings attached. I’m not talking about any of that shit. What I’m talking about is that you communicate to women, in no uncertain terms, that you want to engage them in a way that they would find interesting. This would make you stand apart because most guys are pigs. This would make you look like a real human lover.

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Hot New Trend For 2014: Panty Sniffing!

Panty Sniffing

2013 was a wild year. A lot of stuff went down. Miley Cyrus had sex with a wrecking ball. Edward Snowden exposed the NSA’s outrageous spying activities. China landed a rover on the moon. And two states (Colorado and Washington) legalized recreational marijuana use.

But another thing that occurred in 2013 – so quietly that no major news network reported on it – is the sharp rise of men playing with panties. Sniffing them, licking them, masturbating with them, and yes… even wearing them. The reason for this new trend is still unknown, but some attribute it to the new popularity of used panty websites like AmysPanties.com.

In a recent interview, Amy, the proprietor of AmysPanties.com, said, "I think men have been secret panty sniffers for as long as there have been panties, but in the last few years the taboo nature of the panty fetish has faded away and guys aren’t ashamed about it any more. I mean, why should they be? Different strokes for different folks, right? And if they find happiness by sniffing the crotch of my panties, then I’m thrilled to oblige them.

So as you’re finalizing your New Years resolutions, know that you won’t be alone if "Sniff More Panties" is on your list.

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Like most guys growing up I thought I was the only person at my school that masturbated. I figured chicks never did such a dirty thing and other guys had control over themselves.


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I was just watching a show called Mad Men and it reminded me of Liz Vicious during a scene. I am new to the show and only into the second episode of the first season, so don’t tell me anything that would ruin it for me. For those not familiar with the show it follows an Ad companies creative director named Don Draper. He is trying to keep the Lucky Strikes cigarette account and has to pitch them an idea. During some statistical research it turns out that humans enjoy putting themselves in harms way. That we will smoke even though we know cigarettes can kill us, we smoke them because we enjoy the danger in it. For many of us cigarette smoking is as close to real danger as we are going to get.

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