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Pawg – "Phat Ass White Girl; girl with a phat ass and is white."

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Lilly-Ortega Fauna-Grey

My how teenagers have changed since my day. Back then girls did not get tattoos. Well, maybe they got a tattoo of a pretty little cherub or a unicorn on their butt where their full sized bikini bottom would cover it, but they didn’t get a full sleeve tattoo on their arms or pierce their nipples like they do now!

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I love hot teens and they don’t come any hotter than Teen Topanga. She is a brace faced cutie with pigtails and a booty that is quite fleshy for a teenager. As I watch her doing her stretches all I can think about is a softie footjob from those fluffy-sock covered feet of hers.

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My girlfriend thinks I am this super perverted monster because I like hanging out at pools and watching hot teens parade themselves wearing nothing but a little triangular patch of cloth to cover their various private parts. While I’d love to accept the honors, I know I am no different than any other warm blooded male!

I know this because there is a site called Hot Pool Girls and it’s owner is the supreme pool girl fetish god. Not me! I am just a horny slug that used to think college girls dating grandpas was gross until I became one! (grandpa that is.)

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So I am scouring the Internet for hot teens and I come across a couple of brand new sites. One of which is called Lindy Lopez. All of these sites are brand spanking new so don’t expect tons of content in each members area. Instead expect to get 9 solo models and 2 multi-model sites for the price of one!

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While her site states there are no videos, she does have them. Like I said, this place is brand new and has plenty of kinks in it design wise. Be rest assured that I am on top of everything that needs to be fixed and have been communicating with her webmaster to fix them.

Who is he? The same guy that built some other sites I have reviewed like Cofi Milan, Amy Days, Holli Paige, Ariel Rebel, Andi Pink and Bailey Kline, just to name a few. This guy kicks ass and so do his girls!

Luv Alicia


Oh the nut juice I could drop in this hot teens mouth. Her name is Alicia and she hails from the city of brotherly love. Which also makes her an Eagles fan. Smart girl!

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jayda brook
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