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Being with a girl that has small tits isn’t without it’s challenges, or it’s rewards. I have dated many girls with small breasts. Generally they have low self esteem because of their little titties. It is up to you how you handle this difficult subject. Do you make them feel worse and under your spell or do you make them feel amazing, overflowing with confidence and love for you?

For me it has always been the second route. I prefer to make the girls feel awesome about their itty bitty titties. It might be selfish on my part because I genuinely enjoy seeing their faces light up when they see my face light up at the first sight of their bare breasts.

One of the girls I dated was very much like “>Chloe18 above. Her little boobies weren’t even enough to fill out an A-cup bra. She was so ashamed of them she didn’t like me to touch them, kiss them or look at them. For weeks we had to have sex with the lights off and she preferred to keep her shirt on!

After a while of this I was at the point where I had enough. It was time for me to finally see her boobies. I showed her pictures of real girls with real tits that were her age. She was like, "Oh my God, they are all saggy and flat!" She had no idea her small tits were actually a good thing. They were so perky and beautiful.

Then I showed her chloe-18/5759/teen.htm”>videos of girls with tiny tits. Things started clicking. Soon she was strutting her stuff and proud of the fact that she didn’t need a bra. We had some of the best sex I had ever had up to that point. She also liked to pay me back with blowjobs for helping her get her confidence back.

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New Solo Model Sydney Mai In White

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Previously to doing a private show with SavannahStone I had seen her pictures like the one above on various sites that showcase candid selfie photos. I had no idea she was a cam model. At one point about 2 months ago I had discovered a cache of her self-shot photos and I was in heaven.

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