My 18 Teens – Camel Toe


It is no secret that hot teens have hot camel toe videos. The folks at My 18 Teens have captured this young hot teen named Adrianna masturbating her pussy while looking at Internet porn. Yes, believe it or not, hot babes look at porn just as much as you do! doesn’t stop at softcore videos of girls rubbing one out. They keep going and have the girls often engaging in group sex with other teens of both the same and the opposite sex. Girls give blowjobs, get banged anal and ride the pony like there is no tomorrow.


Because these girls are amateurs and they enjoy sex. They aren’t doing this strictly to get paid. They are not having fake orgasms and they aren’t sporting fake tits. This is the real deal when it comes to teenagers fucking!

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Pure 18 – Hot Teens


The Reality Kings crew has been making porn for almost a decade. Two short years ago they came up with their best idea yet. They created a site that featured only hot teens aged 18 years old. They call their creation Pure 18, but I call it heaven on Earth!

Today’s episode focuses on Monika. She is a small tits brunette with a very tight pussy. How do I know it is tight? Just look at her pelvis. If you are planning on having kids with this hottie you had better plan on a C-section because no kid is ever going to pass through that opening!

On a weekly basis the Reality Kings update Pure 18 with a new hottie that just hit her 18th birthday. To celebrate their fill her full of cum and even get a little bit of frosting on her face too. oops!

It is all in good fun though. These girls have such a great time getting fucked for cash they often move up the ladder and perform on other Reality Kings sites like Mikes Apartment. As a member of Pure 18 you get access to the entire network of 18 sites.

Sites include everything from In The VIP to We Live Together. That last one is another favorite. Especially the older episodes featuring Nicole. Grab a pass and enjoy the entire network!

Nubiles – Summer


Summer is here and it is time to bring out the hot teens!

A great way to beat the heat this summer is by taking a nice cool bath with Summer from Then again, one look at this hot teen and I am sure your dick will pop like a thermometer in Death Valley.

Her small tits and tight pussy are legendary at her old high school. Having just graduated Summer is getting ready for college by posing nude for you at Nubiles. Hey, she has to pay for college somehow right?

There are plenty of picture sets and masturbation videos of Summer at Nubiles. This is because all of the Nubiles models do several of each which means you get daily updates. With three new barely legal teens added each week there are over 630 girls to choose from!

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Pamela Spice – Spicy Hot Teen


Even hot teens like Pamela Spice have to cool things down for a while. In these videos from you can watch Pamela shower off her naked teen body and prep herself for a night on the town.

Pamela Spice isn’t the only hot teen you get. Her membership also includes her spicy friends too. Twins included!

Each of the spicy sites features several updates a week. Put them all together and you get multiple updates a day!

Cierra Spice – Hot Teens


Remember the first time your girlfriend wore a slutty piece of lingerie for you? For me it was our prom. Underneath her dress she wore this green satin piece like the one Cierra Spice is wearing above.

You wanna talk about hot teens? My girlfriend has a C-Cup rack in high school. The night of the prom was also the first time she fucked me cock with those tits of hers. Don’t get me wrong. I like small tits like Cierra Spice has too. I truly believe hot teens come in all shapes and sizes.

Seeing that gallery of Cierra Spice dressed in lingerie brought me back. I think that is why guys go to solo model sites. To bring them back to a time when they were banging chicks like Cierra every weekend.

And for those that weren’t getting laid every weekend by hot teens like Cierra Spice? Well, you come in here to fulfill those fantasies.

Let’s face it, Cierra Spice was way out of most of our circles. Girls like her had us doing her homework and that was about it. Now she is sharing herself with us completely! It would be against the laws of the universe to deny her. We would only be denying ourselves!

As a member of Cierra Spice you also get access to many of her Latina friends like Gigi Spice and Pamela Spice. Take the tour and check her join page for a complete list!

Nubiles – Ollie


If you think Ollie from Nubiles makes your cock hard right now wait until you click her pic and see her blowjob video. This small tits teen excels at sucking cock!

You have plenty of choices out there when it comes to hot teens. You can join a solo model site like Ariel Rebel or Chloe 18. You can join sites like Pure 18 or 18 years old and get access to more than one site. Or, you can join and have access to over 600 barely legal models and daily updates!

Sure, I won’t knock Emily 18. I am a member of her site and have been since the beginning. But, I am also a member of Nubiles because I need variety! And so do you!

Nubiles adds three new models a week and one of them does hardcore like Ollie. The others masturbate and frequently do lesbian videos. Each model at Nubiles does several picture sets and videos allowing you to really get to know them.

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Everyone remembers bringing home a hot teen and banging her on the couch, but seeing it all over again on video at brings it all back in vivid color. There is nothing like high definition video when it comes to fantasmal satisfaction… aka the money shot across the keyboard.

My 18 Teens is one of those sites where you take the tour and you are scrolling down the page going, “Ho dang! She’s a cutie. There is another one. Damn another… fuck i’d hit her too… damn.. another one?”

You do this because My 18 Teens updates on a daily basis. New pics and new videos daily. They also add several hot babes a month so there are dozens of girls to choose from. With the daily updates each girl has several full length videos and plenty of the girls come back to do even more!

The videos at are encoded for computers, mobile phones and iPods. They don’t use digital rights management so once you dowload it, you can watch your video any time you like.

Every niche is represented at My 18 Teens from anal to uniforms. Nothing is left out. Grab your own password and see why this site is growing by leaps and bounds!

Hot Teens Kissing – Pamela Spice

Pamela Spice
When two hot teens spend a lot of time with each other things are going to happen. Hopefully those things include kissing and fooling around!

When Pamela Spice above isn’t fondling herself she is fondling her friends. With as many girl/girl scenes as she has you would think she must be thinking about girls when she makes her masturbation videos!

Pamela is cute and her tits are pretty big for a barely legal Latin teen. While her tits are bigger than most, Pamela has a super tight pussy. Sometimes she has a tough time getting her vibrators into it. Along with that tight pussy is a juicy tight ass. Pamela has been known to stick her vibrators right up that tight bum of hers!

Members of enjoy weekly updates along with access to her solo model friends! That means you get multiple updates a week. Check the join page on her site for the entire list. For now just know that it is a dozen tits long!

My 18 Teens

Come on people… Give her some privacy. Can’t you see Albina is trying to pee?

I am not sure if it is a throw back to our primal roots or what but, watching a girl pee is kind of erotic. Don’t worry if you aren’t into watching girls peeing… This post isn’t all about pee.

This post is about teenage sex. Lots of teenage sex. My 18 Teens is a web site totally devoted to hot teens having sex. Sometimes it is a teen girl fucking her friends dad and other times it is two teens having a fling before mom and dad get home.

The girls at are not the ones you tried fucking in high school that wouldn’t get freaky. No sucky-sucky that thing tastes yucky! These girls will do anything a guy wants to do to them.

Along with going hardcore the girls masturbate and spend a lot of time making out with each other. You would think these girls had never seen a pussy before!

My 18 Teens updates on a daily basis. Everything is shot in high definition and the girls even do live web cam shows. Every girl is aged 18 to 21 years old. When it comes to teenage hardcore sites, My 18 Teens cannot be beat.

Kayla Banks – Hot Tub Teen

That hot teen in the hot tub is Kayla Banks. Her gallery reminds me of an encounter I had with a girl in school. He always flirted around but nothing ever became of it until one day. The day I saw her in the hot tub.

Like Kayla Banks she had small tits but her nipples weren’t pierced like Kayla’s nipples are. Her pussy had a landing strip of hair and the bottom was shaved bare like Kayla’s pussy is.

We were at her house and her parents were out of town. I don’t know what possesses parents and gives them the feeling their teenage daughter could be left home alone as though nothing is going to happen.

She suggested we get in the hot tub but I didn’t have a suit so she then suggested we should get into the hot tub in our underwear. We were both a little drunk and a lot of high.

I noticed her bra went see-through when it got wet and I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her nipples. She noticed my inability to focus on her eyes when I was talking to her and asked if there was something wrong.

When I said no she looked down and realized that she was giving me a show. To my satisfaction she smiled and pulled her bra to the side. Her nipple looks so appetizing as the pot gave me the munchies. The droplets of water looked like the perfect cure for my cotton mouth.

Before I knew it she removed her bra altogether and stated it was only fair since I didn’t have a shirt on. She was always such a flirt. When she leaned back in her seat in the hot tub her foot found my cock. It was hard as a rock. She yelped and smiled real big.

"What is that?" She quipped.

I told her she knew what it was and she coyly stated that she thought she didn’t have that kind of effect on me. I knew she was full of shit and I told her so. She wondered aloud if my underwear was see through when it got wet.

I stood up and sure enough my white boxers didn’t hide what was underneath at all. My cock was clearly visible. I sat back down and wondered aloud if her panties were see through too. She stood up and yes they were. I could see her landing strip and the fold of her pussy very well. Her panties crept up inside the fold creating a natural camel toe.

She asked if I ever thought about her. I said sure and she rephrased the question. Now it was if I ever thought about her before going to bed or maybe in the shower or something like that.

My pulse raced. My dick got extra hard. She moved her foot over to my cock and pinched the head with her toes while looking me in the eyes. I mumbled, "Sometimes."

She squeezed her toes again and asked, "Just sometimes?"

"OK, often?"

She wanted to see my cock again and when I stood up she took it out through the hole in my boxers.

"Your cock is so hard. Can I kiss it?" She asked.


I thought maybe she would just give it a smooch but it turns out she meant an open mouthed kiss. Feeling her warm tongue on my cock made my knees almost buckle out from under me.

She started working her hand on the shaft and licked the head between bobbing down on it. It only took her two minutes from start to finish. My load shot into her mouth and once she swallowed it all she stated that it was my turn to return the favor.

I couldn’t believe hot beautiful her pussy looked. Soft and wet. Pink and shaved. I wasted no time in tasting it.

She pushed me away and told me it wasn’t going anywhere. Slow down and take my time. I spent five minutes running my tongue from her clit to the vaginal hole and back again. When I made it to the hole I would thrust my tongue up inside her pussy before returning to her clit.

As I was licking her pussy she massaged her nipples and small tits. I could tell this is what she thought about when she was taking a bath or going to bed. Why did we wait so long?

Kayla Banks is the perfect frisky teen. She brings back so many good times with my flirting friend. Kayla updates her videos once a week and adds two new picture sets too. Along with the videos she does live cam shows too.

If you want to relive some old memories or make some new ones you can engage Kayla in a private session or just watch her archived webcam shows.

You can sample Kayla Banks for only $1. If you don’t like her just cancel online and get an instant confirmation. If you do like her enjoy the downloadable video updates and all of her panty pics.

You can watch Kayla Banks masturbate at Virgin’s 19!

My Precious Virgins

Teens are hot. Virgins are hotter!

My Precious Virgins is a premier hot teens site. There are over 400 naughty teens on My Precious Virgins and every one of them is hotter than the next.

Three new hot teens are added each week to My Precious Virgins. The girls do both hardcore and softcore with some of them doing both. Each girl has multiple picture sets and most have multiple videos you can download.

The picture resolutions at My Precious Virgins hit 6000 pixels. Movie resolutions peak at 1920×1080. That is large enough to throw on your 50 inch wide screen in the living room!

Just don’t do it unless you know you are going to be alone!

Mandy Mayhem

As if the world needed more proof that teens are hot, here is Mandy Mayhem and her blonde friend in the shower. While both are smoking hot teens, this review will focus on the brunette with the chunky ass.

Hold on a second, Mandy. I know in some circles, like a Miss America Pageant, having someone say your ass is chunky could be construed as rude behavior. Not here. At Teens R Hot we enjoy some cushion for the pushing so don’t get your panties all in a bind over my comments about your derrière.

Why do I like Mandy so much? (other than her ass…)

Well, Mandy Mayhem is honest. Mandy is nineteen years old and instead of pretending to be eighteen years old she lays it all out in the open. Watch out, New York, with this kind of unprovoked honesty this hot teen might be running for your state’s governorship soon! encodes the videos in popular formats like Windows Media and QuickTime and then takes things a step further by encoding them in 3GP for the cell phone and PSP/IPOD for the geek squad.

With so many formats and so many updates I think I can confidently say that Mandy Mayhem cares about making her members happy!

Herself Pics – Hot Chicks


Often in nature hot teens and brains don’t come together. Except for Donald Trump’s daughter, I don’t know of any other hot chicks with a brain.

Hey, I am not saying this is a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong! I love it when hot teens share a bottle of wine and decide to fool around. It makes me very happy when they decide to photograph the encounter too! Even better – when they video tape it!

Herself Pics is a growing collection of such photos and videos. Hot girls like Sandra upload their photos to and each week the guys post the best specimens for all the world to see.

The girls are amateurs and that is reason #1 to join. Being amateurs they look like the girl next door. They often go overboard in their desire to get picked for the next update so I guess you can say anything goes.

Sometimes that anything could just be pictures in front of a bathroom mirror – naked! And other times that could mean video of a girl masturbating, having lesbian sex with her girlfriend or fucking her boyfriend. A personal fav of mine is the girls that do pornstar style blowjobs. You know… the ones where they just about gag themselves they are going so hard.

Any fan of candid pics is going to love this site. Any fan of the truly perverted is going to want to marry this site. Where else can you find hot teens sticking crazier and crazier items up their snatches to get noticed?

Joon Mali – Hitchhiking Video

Joon Mali videos

That wonderfully smooth beaver mound belongs to the Asian sensation Joon Mali. In the video gallery Joon resorts to some pretty tough measures to get cars to stop so she can hitch a ride. I personally stop for Asian teens with cute faces and tight bodies sporting a camel toe, but I guess where ever this video was shot at it isn’t the case?

Joon is a perfect barely legal teen. She has a nice tight body and stands 5′ 2″ tall. At 101 pounds her body is rock solid. All except for her ass! It isn’t flabby, don’t get me wrong. It is a perfect bubble butt. Imagine that! An Asian with a bubble butt! Joon has small tits and smooth skin. Thai teens just don’t come any cuter than Joon Mali!

On her site you get plenty of perks when you join. For one, you get the photo and videos updates. Both happen on a weekly basis and both correspond to the same shoot. So if the video doesn’t get as close to her barely legal pussy and you would like I can sure you can find a photo or two that more than fill the void for you. Second, members get Joon’s personal Email address. She is still a little quirky on her English but that is actually one of the biggest pluses. Who doesn’t love an exotic girl with an accent? And finally, you get access to all of the bonuses. These include wallpapers, screen savers, games featuring Joon and more.

Joon Mali likes to keep a diary too. We aren’t talking about simple entries either. We are talking about in depth personal stuff going on in her life and candid photos to back it all up.

Unlike most Asian girls Joon is comfortable with her sexuality. She doesn’t mind posing naked or masturbating in her videos. In fact, she loves knowing that guys are out there enjoying her as much as she is enjoying herself. On occasion she has been known to invite a girlfriend to a shoot. Watching two Asian teens kiss is highly erotic! Mind blowing, cum load blowing fun!

The videos come in .wmv, .mov and .rm formats. They also have the IPOD format so you can download them and watch them on the go!

Selina18 – Barely Legal – And HOT!

Selina 18

We are probably a lot a like. When we want something we get it. Not because we push someone around or ask. No, we fuck with shit until we find a way to get what we want. Take an image gallery for example. You notice one picture is missing. So you take one that is there and add a number to the sequence and walla. You find your missing pic.

I was doing this yesterday to some pics with a girl I have never seen before. I got to the bottom of it and figured out why the pics were missing in the first place. The girls name is Selina and you can find her on You cannot find pics for her because there are none. She is that new! Well, there are plenty of pics but they are all in the members area. There are no promotional pics to speak of. Except for the one above (you can click on the one above and see her gallery now!).

It is always exciting to find something new and Selina 18 is the definition of exciting! She is barely legal and wears braces. Her boobs are pert and I love her nipples. She has a rock hard body and a firm ass. Her face looks youthful and.. well… it excites me. has an awesome members area. It just opened but there are already 8 months worth of videos and 6 months worth of pictures. Not a bad collection for a girl who’s web site hasn’t even officially opened yet! While it hasn’t opened, you can join (I did) and use the members area with no problems (I did that too!). Her videos are great and this girl looks awesome in a bikini. She sports a lot of them in the members area. She is bi-sexual, which is good because I love to watch teen girls kissing. Two nubile bodies making love. Exciting! Her friend Paulina is barely legal to the max too. I wish they would come out with a web site for her also. I would join it immediately! She also does hardcore with guys. Sometimes two at a time.
The updates for Selina 18 come in on a weekly basis and with plenty of archives you will have a lot of catching up to do. Enjoy!