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What is it about Ashley Lightspeed that makes her such a popular girl at the Lightspeed University? It isn’t that she is a super hot teen. She is too quirky to be considered one. I think I know the answer, but it is pretty fucking perverted. are you sure you want to hear it?

The reason Ashley has such a large fan base is she reminds guys of the first girl they saw wearing skimpy clothing around the house. Whether it be their sister, a friends sister or even a cousin, you have to admit, it is pretty darn perverted!


While none of those girls shared their tight teen body with you Ashley Lightspeed is ready and willing to do it. All she asks in return is that you reassure her on her message board about how pretty she is.


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Her First Time With An Older Man


When Connie’s teacher invited her to his house on Saturday night for dinner she didn’t really know what to think. Connie had been crushing over him for over two years and now he seemed to finally be taking notice of her. Was it because her body was looking more and more like a hot teens body should look?

Not wanting to make any waves Connie thought it best to tell her mom she was babysitting that night. Even though he was her teacher he was still a man and Connie knew her mother was very protective of her being alone with any male. Even her father!

When she arrived at her teacher’s house she noticed only one car in the driveway. Did his wife park in the garage? Was she even sure whether or not he had a wife?

Connie knocked on the front door and waited half expecting his wife to answer and not really sure what she would say if she did. Then again, she wasn’t really sure what she would say if her teacher answered either.

The door opened and there he was. He looked like a model in his white pants and shirt with bare feet. Connie wore a nice dress and had to change into it at a gas station so her mother wouldn’t wonder why she was wearing one to a babysitting job.

He led her to the kitchen where he had some pots on the stove. Connie could see steam coming out of some of them. The house smelled wonderful. Her mouth began to water.

Just then he grabbed her by the hand and led her out to the backyard. Along the way Connie scanned the room looking for family photos, but could not find any. Was he a bachelor? Why was his house so big? Surely a teacher at her school couldn’t afford a house like this?

Once outside Connie was treated to a landscape more beautiful than anything she had ever seen. Even places she had seen in movies. The way her teacher’s house was situated the backyard was all theirs. They couldn’t see anybody else and nobody else could see them.


Suddenly her teacher grabbed her by the hand and spun her around to face him. Before she knew it their lips were locked in a kiss. She felt his tongue on her lips and she opened them to let him inside her mouth. Their tongue intertwined and she instantly felt her pussy getting wet. How she longed to be in his warm embrace.

When he released her head and broke off their kiss she felt so alone even though he was standing right in front of her. I told her that he hadn’t been with anyone else ever since he first laid eyes on her. She was left reeling in her thoughts. Had he felt the same way about her this whole entire time?

He pushed her head down and placed her hand on his cock. She jumped a bit as her hand wrapped around his hardened mass. Up until then Connie had never felt a hard cock before. She had seen and cleaned a few of her cousins pricks when they were in diapers, but even when they were hard they weren’t much bigger than her pinky finger.

This man’s cock was huge. Connie began to wonder if it would fit inside her. She had been practicing with the largest brush handle she had. Connie could tell his cock was at least twice the circumference of her brush and her brush felt almost too big as it was!


Her teacher pushed her head down to his cock and she gave only a small amount of resistance. Connie knew she was going to have to suck a mans cock someday. She just didn’t know this was going to be that day.

Once down to hip level Connie grabbed his cock with both hands and brought the head into her mouth. One of her more experienced friends told her that if she used her hands with her mouth a guys brain wouldn’t know the different between the two. It was all about rhythm.

It didn’t take very long before her teacher exploded into her mouth. She could feel his cock jerk with each burst. His cum tasted salty. It wasn’t as bad as she had thought it would be.

Once he was done cumming into her mouth he lifted her back up. Connie was in shock because she still had his cum in her mouth and didn’t know what to do with it. He grabbed her firmly by her chin and thrust his tongue into her mouth once again. She opened her eyes expecting to see rage, but his eyes were closed and she could tell he really had feelings for her.


It was now her turn. She leaned back against the stone railing and felt his tongue disappear between the soft folds of her wet pussy. Was she too wet? Would he think she was a freak? Could his sperm in his mouth get her pregnant?

All of those questions withered away as passion swept over her. She played with her full breasts and her inverted nipples trying to emulate what she had seen women do in the movies.


By the time she was ready to orgasm she leaned way back to steady herself. She had never orgasmed standing up and wasn’t sure if she could do both at the same time.

While playing with her nipples they popped out and Connie imagined him sucking on them. Oh how she would love to have three of him. or four! One of him licking her dirty little asshole!

That thought sent her over the edge and almost send her literally over the edge of the balcony. She doubled over on top of her teacher trying to pull him away, but he continued to lick her pussy while propping her up. Just as soon as she was sure she would pass out her teacher stopped and stood up holding her in his arms again.


She bent in to kiss him again and as their pelvises met she could feel his hard cock slide between her legs. As her slowly let her down from his grasp his cock got closer and closer to her vulva. She began to breath heavy and sweat with nervousness. Was it going to hurt when he stuck his cock inside her virgin pussy?


He spun her around and lifted her dress up. She wasn’t sure what exactly was happening. He grabbed her rib cage and thrust it forward and down as if to tell her to lean over the balcony. Connie did and felt him lift her thigh until her foot rested on a step.

Next Connie felt his cock poking into her pussy. She looked back and could see that he wanted her as badly as she wanted him. There was no point in blaming him for being so upfront and forceful about it.

A mixture of pain and pleasure swept through her groin and radiated out all the way to her finger tips. The wind was knocked out of her. She felt his cock brush up against her cervix. It didn’t hurt so much as feel like a lot of pressure.

Connie doubled over the railing and closed her eyes. She imagined the sight of his cock opening her wet pussy and sliding in. Every time he pulled it out she squeezed her pussy wishing it would just stay in.

After several minutes Connie could tell her teacher was getting close to cumming. She, however, needed more stimulation. Would he think she was weird if she rubbed her clit while he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy? There was only one way to find out.

As she rubbed her clit she felt his balls coming into contact with her fingers. He knows! She thought and she tried to keep the contact to a minimum. As she was having these thoughts he began to pump her harder and faster. It occurred to her that he was okay with what she was doing. Heck, he might even be trying to say that he liked it!

That sent Connie into a frenzy. She wanted to cum at the same time as he did so badly. At her new pace her fingers were constantly coming into contact with his balls and the base of his cock. It felt so liberating to finally masturbate in front of someone instead of always hiding it like she had been.

Connie’s teacher thrust hard into her pussy just as she began to orgasm. Her pulsating pussy muscles milked every ounce of sperm out of his member. This time it was her teacher doubling over her. Once again she embraced his warm touch. She could feel his sweat dripping onto her and she thought it felt amazing.

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