Jenny Reid – Lip Gloss

Teens are hot. But, they are even hotter with lip gloss!

Jenny Reid is what I would classify as an import chick. Put a skimpy mini skirt, a matching thong, big brunette hair, lip gloss and tan skin on a girl and that equals import chick. The kind of girl you want to see at import car shows. Shit, even domestic car shows… why not?

Hot teens like Jenny Reid are far and few between. Sure, most graduating seniors are barely legal, eighteen and attractive, but they are not hot like Jenny is. Jenny is a cut above the rest.

Along with being one of the hot teens, Jenny is a great lesson in the laws of beauty. She proves that a girl can have small tits and still be all that and a bag of chips. Jenny was actually turned down for being a fashion model. Apparently she is too short. Fuck them, Jenny! Import chicks are supposed to be short. That is why we call them shorties! is a panty loves dream come true. Her tight butt looks so sexy in a pair of cotton panties. Plus, her shaved beaver eagerly eats those panties up. There is nothing like a natural hot teens camel toe to raise your libido.

Members get updates three times a week. One of the updates is a steamy video. Along with access to Jenny Reid, you also get access to four other hot teens.

Hot Shower Teen – Only Opaques

Looking at the picture of Gemma in her wet opaque stockings paired with the look on her face and her body language stirs up primal instincts in me. Those instincts lead to a complex set of emotions.

The King of Kong in me wants to do two things. Take full advantage of her and at the same time, be her hero.

I have to imagine that water is cold. In my peripheral vision her wrists are bound. She is mine to do what ever I want with her. This hot teen has given up all hope of escape and has succumbed to my superiority. Or…

I have found her after killing her captor. Her instinct is to give in if I am no better. Deep down inside her there is another instinct. A more natural one than being made to submit. This instinct is telling her that if I truly am her hero, she will owe her life to me. Of course my own instinct is to take in this beautiful site. Would she mistake that for a demand for payment?

Hot teens and fantasy starter photos like this one of Gemma are what Only Opaques is all about. If you are a pantyhose/stockings fan, look no further! You have just found the ultimate site.

There are 111 models at and they update daily. In a little over two months they added 18 Only Opaques videos and 57 photo sets! These people don’t fuck around! Along with hot teens they also have hot ladies too. I have yet to find a single model I wouldn’t stick my dick into.

The pictures come in three sizes, 1000, 2000 and 3000 pixels. Imagine being able to see her panties through her pantyhose at normal zoom and then bringing it in so you can see her pussy lips through all of that! Where was this site when my only porn was clothing catalogs? Sheesh!

There is an active message board for fans in the Only Opaques members area. There you can discuss your pantyhose and stocking obsession with like minded men and women from around the world!

Mandy Mayhem

As if the world needed more proof that teens are hot, here is Mandy Mayhem and her blonde friend in the shower. While both are smoking hot teens, this review will focus on the brunette with the chunky ass.

Hold on a second, Mandy. I know in some circles, like a Miss America Pageant, having someone say your ass is chunky could be construed as rude behavior. Not here. At Teens R Hot we enjoy some cushion for the pushing so don’t get your panties all in a bind over my comments about your derrière.

Why do I like Mandy so much? (other than her ass…)

Well, Mandy Mayhem is honest. Mandy is nineteen years old and instead of pretending to be eighteen years old she lays it all out in the open. Watch out, New York, with this kind of unprovoked honesty this hot teen might be running for your state’s governorship soon! encodes the videos in popular formats like Windows Media and QuickTime and then takes things a step further by encoding them in 3GP for the cell phone and PSP/IPOD for the geek squad.

With so many formats and so many updates I think I can confidently say that Mandy Mayhem cares about making her members happy!