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Teen and his sister sharing a cock

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Watch these real solo masturbation videos

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Jerking off with real student porn

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Chanel Fenn porn gallery sets

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Lola Fae craves pussy squirting porn

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How to choose the right glue?

Not all common glues are suitable for TPE, most may over color or melt your doll’s skin, and in some cases, cause more damage that only TPE glue can repair.

What exactly is TPE glue?

TPE glue is a special solvent that works by slightly melting zero parts of the TPE doll and gluing them together by applying pressure. After that you will see a nice finished product which is guaranteed not to break again in the same place. These special TPE glues are specially developed to repair small cracks in TPE solid dolls and are usually developed after many tests. The products meet strict standards and are harmless to health, so you don’t have to worry about direct contact.

How to use TPE adhesive?

Before use, the broken parts of the doll must be given a thorough cleaning. It is recommended to use makeup removing wipes and try not to do too much rubbing, just remove any residue.

When applying TPE adhesive, make sure the surface is tension-free before applying the adhesive; when the TPE surface is dissolved, the TPE adhesive will adhere. Therefore, after applying the glue, it should be pressed and fixed immediately. Do not apply too much, only use cotton swab or toothpick to apply glue and wait for drying for about half an hour.

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