Little Caprice

When was the last time you dated a hot teen that weighed in at a tiny 90 lbs? Having such a thin body allows Little Caprice to have a set of decently sized tits. The trippy part is that they only have an A-Cup of flesh. But when you put even that small amount of flesh on such a petite girl they look like B’s!

Little Caprice just turned 18 years old only a month ago. Her site is literally brand spanking new. If you have never heard of this girl that might be why.

Unlike other hot teens Caprice does hardcore. Being so young she is also a bit quirky. It is cute to watch her work on a cock knowing she is new to all of this. Being young and spunky has its advantages (for us). She is willing to do anything because she hasn’t done much yet!

Her site updates three times a week and Little Caprice likes to engage her fans via a messaging system. Members also get access to her friend Kaira 18. Two hot teens for the price of one!