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Sure, the site is called Lana’s Fantasies but, damn if they doesn’t seem more like they are my own!

That hot teen is Lana. She reminds me of a girl I once knew. The sister of a good friend of mine so I cannot post her name here.

Anyway, while playing at his house his mom told us it was time for her to take him to baseball practice. She was always pretty damn anal about cleanliness so I offered to stick behind and let myself out after cleaning up our mess. She said that would be OK.

After cleaning the mess we had left in the living room I had a pile of stuff to take to his room. I was walking down the hallway and took a peek into his sister’s room hoping to catch a glance of her. A glance wasn’t all I had caught!

His sis was laying on her bed wearing a baby-T and some white cotton panties. She was a few years older than we were and fully grown if you know what I mean. Like Lana she was blonde and had big tits.

I quickly dropped the stuff I was carrying on his bed and headed back to her room. Watching her sleep on the bed made my dick hard as a rock. Harder than it had ever been before. Without even realizing it I started to stroke it through my pants.

In a few minutes I was ready to bust a nut. Then she moved. I was pretty scared and ducked back into the hallway. I listened for a second but didn’t hear anything so I took another peek. She had rolled over all the way onto her stomach with her legs slightly parted.

Now I could see where her pussy crack was. Her panties had ridden up into it. I started beating off furiously now. I had no idea how long I’d been there and I was sure his mom would come back and interrupt me. When it came time to blow I waddled over to the bathroom and shot my load into the toilet.

I couldn’t believe how sexy his sisters ass was. How I’d seen her pussy. Well, the outline of her pussy anyway. I was in heaven. In that five minute span I had gained enough inspiration to jack off for months. What would it be like rubbing suntan oil into her ass? Would she get turned on and let me slip my finger underneath her bottoms? I would know just where to go having burned that visual map into my brain night after night. makes it easy to fantasize about this blue eyed teen. There are solo sets, lesbian sets and hardcore videos of Lana’s Fantasies with guys and girls. Watching her run her tongue over a guys cock and suck on the head… you can easily imagine her doing that for you to.

With three updates a week there is always something hot to think about. Members can interact with Lana in her forum and even make special requests! Take the Lanas Fantasies tour and bring lots of lube. You are going to need it when you join!